Thursday, 1 January 2009

1st Blog in 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR! How did you spend your last hour of 2008?? I went for the midnight fireworks which was spectacular!

I definitely haven't being blogging a lot for the whole of Dec. I have being lazy + busy with work during the x'mas period. Although others are starting to wind down, attending parties and gathering. I, in fact was getting busy with work. I wasn't really in low moral when others were drinking and having fun while I'm stuck in the factory with required me to strip to my undies and grown up in blue suit. Because I finally see the finishing line after being stuck with the project for bloody 2 years!

I did still manage to try out new recipes which all turn out really nice and photos are still stored in the camera which I'm too lazy to download + upload now. Hopefully I will get to them this weekend.

2008 passes by so quickly that I have no idea what I had achieved in 2008.
Going thru the blog entries, this is the list I came up with.
  1. Moved out from the city and into the suburb. It's actually nice and we are loving the place! A real motivation to save more and purchase a house of our own.
  2. CL's bought a new car = I became the owner of our new car
  3. Starting driving to work = driving more (which I still need to work on for 2009)
  4. Spend a full 1 month with my lovely parents. Did some travelling with them
  5. Went to Great Barrier Reef again(kinda of disappointed that the reef are so damaged) and did some diving
  6. Hit a roo at Grampians (actually CL hit it in his brand new car!)
  7. I lost an uncle
  8. We did quite a bit of driving around Victoria. Covered Bright, different beaches in Victoria, Hanging Rock, Great Ocean Road, Grampians, Lakes Entrance, Warrnambool
  9. Started handcraft : kitting and crochet
Don't think I miss out anything.
Well, I did manage to fulfill half of my 2008 wish list.
  1. Stay healthy and stop gaining weight(think this might be easy rather than trying to lose weight) definitely is still on my 2009 agenda.
  2. Save $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  3. Be a good housewife (not as if I'm not good but I believe I can be more organise if I want to..hehehe)
  4. Cook more!!!! (I have being cooking more but need to start trying out more recipes)
  5. BLOG MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No point making a long list if I can't achieve it right?

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