Sunday, 16 March 2008

Beach, Beach and more Beach

Beach, Beach, Beach!!!

We have being exploring Melbourne Beach for the whole of March.
1st weekend : Brighton Beach
2nd weekend: Torquay
3rd weekend: Philip Island and Elwood.

We actually felt SUMMER just started in March! That's why we are hitting the beach so often.


Hubby woke up at noon and suggested to head to the beach. "Huh, aren't you tired? You just knock off from night shift" was my response. Apparently he is full of energy and was to go for a swim + sun tan.

Off we go to Torquay Beach after packing some food, swim wear, picnic mat etc. It took us 1.5hours drive to reach Torquay and we found a nice spot at Fisherman Beach.

1st mission is to hunt for toilet and follow by testing the water temperature. We went for a walk along the beach and we couldn't see any toilet around. I was quite puzzled and continue strolling. By the time we found it, we were pretty lazy to change into our swim wear + the water is so COLD!!! How did the kids manage to get themselves wet?????

So we found a nice spot (shady area) and rest & relax by the beach. Had a cold drink, some snack and a short nap.

The weather was fantastic!!! It wasn't too hot or cold!!! The view I enjoyed when hubby was napping.

On our way back home, we went pass Dockland and managed to took some photos.

The Melbourne Wheel The Melbourne City


"Hmmm....which beach should we go today??" Hubby asked. I suggested why not we check out the beaches at Philip Island. We had been to Philip Island a number of time for the Peguin Parade but we never been to the beach. Destination decided!

Journey to Philip Island takes the same amount of time and same distance to Torquay. But it's a much enjoyable ride as the traffic to Geelong is always heavy.

Us arriving at the beach. The weather wasn't that great. It was pretty cloudy but temperature was quite high (30s).

Sorry for our attire, we were in our gym wear.

The beach is not crowded + wave is huge + it's a patrol beach. WE LOVE IT!!!
We manage to accomplish a lot that morning.
Victoria Market for marketing -> Gym training session -> House inspection at Box Hill -> Beach
That why Hubby can't skip his BEAUTY SLEEP!

This time we were pretty determined to get wet! But we didn't. It's not because we were lazy. The sea got pretty rough after 30mins and the life guards closed the beach. Flags came down and people start to pack and leave while we stayed. He has his nap while me reading my magazine and enjoyed the wind.
That's the only thing we did, getting our feets wet.

Just before we left Philip Island, we pop into the Philip Island Chocolate Factory.


Beach again!!! We went to support some of my colleagues in a cricket match after breakfast. Both were prepared to head to the beach again to cool down as the weather going to hit 40degrees. Hubby was having 2nd thoughts as we are enjoying the performance putted up by Adrian, Chris and Sri. But as the heat kicked in, we desperatly need to cool down.

Planned was to Brighton Beach. We passed by Elwood on the way. Saw the beach, saw the carpark with empty slots. So we just drive in, bought parking tickets and park ourselves in front of Elwood Life Saving Club.

We desperatly need a dip and just went into the sea after setting up our area and dumped all the stuff. We even slapped thick layers of sun block on ourselves to protect our skin. In and out, in and out of the beach as we sun tanned ourselves.

It was a nice 2.5 hours by the beach reading magazine, sipping icy cold coke and water, occassionally dipping into the sea water. It really makes me feel it's summer instead of autumn.

** Sorry no photos taken at all on this day. We just can't be bothered other than cooling ourselves.


Jarrett Lim G.W said...

cool!! I like the weather you have there!!

cltyw said...

weather in Melbourne is a love/hate affair. Sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it. Can't control at all!