Saturday, 28 June 2008


Mummy and Daddy flew back home this afternoon. Hall look so much bigger again after we convert the bed back into sofa coz we are moving back into our room tonight. It's back to me and hubby again.

Back to routine. Back to work. Both of us are not really looking forward to Mon. But no work = no $. No $ = cannot tour. Hubby already have some places in mind to dive after the Cairns trip. That will motivate him to earn more. Hehe.

For the past month, all 4 of us have being eating a lot! I bet all of us gain at least 3kg each. I manage to jot all the food we ate using the camera. Now wondering what is the best way to about it. I have to be discipline for the next few week and upload all pictures.

Please be patient with me. :P

Friday, 27 June 2008

Damage Done By a Kangroo

This is the damage done by hitting a HUGE Kangaroo going at 100km/hr(we are within speed limit!).

The registration number plate is dented by the kangaroo tail.

Driver door can't be open.

Damage of the front panel + headlight.

The car is still under repair. Hopefully we will be able to collect it back by next week.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Road Trip #2 Cancelled

We are back safely from road trip#1. THANK GOD! But our new car is not. We just send in for repair yesterday and initial quote of repair cost $6-7k. Time needed is 2 weeks. That also mean road trip #2 is cancelled. Still waiting for the repair company to inform us that the insurance company has agreed to the cost of repair. Road trip #2 might change to Queenland Trip. We will try to get air tickets to Cairns if possible.

For those who haven't heard. We hit a HUGE Kangroo at Grampian on our way back to the accommdation (Halls Gap) after a trip to the supermarket (Stawell). All of us are fine except in a bit of shock.

It's just being confirmed. Cairns is the next destination. Hubby and Daddy just got the air ticket purchased and accommdation booked. We are setting off in a few days time.

Great Barrier Reef here we come!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Spending Time with My Folks

Sorry for being missing. My folks arrived last Saturday and I have being spending all my free time with them. Everyday is full of activities after work.

31st May, Sat - Folks arrived early morning. Ate lunch at their favourite Roast restaurant, Pacific House at Victoria Street. Spend the afternoon shopping for Daddy's winter clothing. Tea at Max Brenner. Dinner was Pizza by me.
1st June, Sun - Drove to Mt Dandenong, Miss Marple for Scone. Dinner was Vietnames food at Victoria Street
2nd June, Mon - Shopping at DFO. Homecook food by Mummy. Dessert at San Churro, Lygon Street.
3rd June, Tue - Rest and relax at Home. Homecook food by Mummy. :)
4th June, Wed - Breakfast at Filter, Brunwick Street. Shopping at DFO. Japanese dinner at Shira Nui.
5th June, Thur - Rest and relax at Home. Homecook food by Mummy again. :)
6th June, Fri - I started my leave. Shopping in the city. Dinner at Golden Dragon Palace follow by dive to Skyhigh Mt Dandenong.
7th June, Sat - Lunch at Elsie&Stan's place. Roast pork by Stan. Wii for exercise. Kebab for dinner. Tiramisu for dessert.

This is going to be my reference when I start to blog in detail when I have the time. The amount of food we ate this week is huge! I have so much food photo to unload. :)

We are starting our road trip very soon. Trip #1 is to Great Ocean Road follow by Grampians. Trip # 2 is to Bright, Falls Creek, Lakes Entrance and Wilson Prom. Grampians and Falls Creek are the only two places which me and hubby have not explore. All the accommodations are confirmed. We also started the food menu for the trip. We can't wait for the trip to start.