Sunday, 27 April 2008

Chicken Pie

Pie is one of the food item I wish to try ages ago but I find it's a bit troublesome making the pastry. Plus there are a few different types: shortcrust, puff, sweetcrust, filo etc. What's the different??? Honestly I have no bloody idea at all because pie if not 1 of the food I eat often while I grew up.

I did asked Sue(my colleague) for advise on pastry and she recommanded me to buy off the shelves pastry from the supermarket. They are nice and it save so much time!

Two weeks ago, I went to Victoria Garden. Bought a Maxwell & Williams baking dish from House and a packet of Pampas puff pastry from Coles. Got home and started to make Chicken Pie.


The recipe is quick and easy. Most important it taste delicious and Hubby loves the pastry!

Hmmm I still have 4 sheets of pastry in my freeze. What should I try next???

Friday, 25 April 2008


I'm currently pet sitting as Stan and Elsie are away for 2 weeks. Their kids are temporary my kids..hehe.

They have being staying with us for 5 days now.Picked them up on Sunday evening. The initially 2 days are orientation days. We starting to know Hana and Poo Poo character and behaviour. While they, especially Hana start to know our time schedule and character.

Hana definitly likes Hubby a lot! Both of them go crazy once they start to play. Hana is afraid of me more than Hubby. Think I'm more strict and fierce compared to Hubby. She doesn't dare to go beyond the limit when she is with me.

Poo Poo was initially pretty noisy at night. But we notice the amount of noise he made decreases a lot for the past 2 nights. We even had our room door open last night as Hana want to come into the room to check on us.

Taking care of them is a breeze! They are so well trained! We are enjoying their company. :) Except we have to clear their shit everyday. Sometimes twice a day for Poo Poo. Hubby will say when he is clearing their tray "At work I need to clear patient's shit. Come home need to clear your shit". But I can see that he is enjoying it. HAHA

OMG I think Hana is snoring!! Took her to the park for a long walk and she asked me to play fetch with her when we got home. She made me chase after her round and round in the house.

Hana loves being in the sun. We tends to lift the blinds up when we aren't at home so that she can enjoy the sunlight.

She looks so tired after a long walk.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Hanging Rock

21-03-2008 Good Friday

Although it's a a super long weekend (4days) in Australia, we didn't manage to plan a weekend getaway as Hubby was scheduled to work 2 days out of the 4.

We woke up, made ourselves a nice hot breakfast and was lazing around in the house thinking whether should we go out. If yes, WHERE? Shops are all closed for business. Traffic must be bad as lots of cars heading outbound of Melbourne to start their long weekend away. Weather is not fantastic so it's not a good time to go to the beach. Finally, destination is set. We are driving to Hanging Rock.

We haven't being there at all. Heard about it and it's only going to be an hour drive. We will be able to reach there and get back before sky turn dark.

Traffic was rather smooth. There isn't much cars heading in the same direction. Within an hour, we are there! There are lots of family having pinic/bbq at the park in front of the Hanging Rock. We decided to go for the Summit Walk before grabbing a bite to eat.
We had a really nice slow walk. Took us about an hour return. The view was fantastic but could be even better if the weather was sunny. At the end of it, I felt it was a pretty good workout.

Totally no idea where should we head for food after that. We though maybe we could drive to the town nearby and see what is available. But before that, we went into the Hanging Rock Cafe to statisfy our caffine craving. We ended up eating there after checking the menu.

Hanging Rock Cafe
This little cafe really surprise us! We initially though food will be pretty expensive but it wasn't!!! Plus the food was delicious!!!!

My Homemade Scone and Berry Muffin. I'm can't resist ordering scone when I see them after having scone at Miss Maple.

Hubby's Eye Fillet Steak with Bacon and Cherry Tomatoes. Both of us loves the sauce! Don't ask me what it is. Honestly, I don't remember. Hehe

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Backpacking Boots

I'm really lazy this weekend therefore didn't achieve much. Shopping for both days! Saturday was shopping with Lynn at City DFO. I didn't buy anything on that day. On Sunday hubby had the craving to Yum Cha. He's afraid of me being bored at home so decided to bring me shopping!!!

Hubby >> YES! I admit you pamper me (i won't complain if you do it more often...hehe) but you must admit I pamper you even MORE!!!

Few hours shopping = burning one big hole in hubby's pocket. He bought a pair of walking pant, a cleaning kit for his water bag and me a backpacking boots which is long over due.

A good pair of walking boots was on my thing to buy list since last year. I kept postponing shopping for it as I know it will be costly. Trip to Lakes Entrance made me realised I can't delay much longer. Therefore I decided to buy it now and season it for my road trip in June.


I tried on 2 pairs of boots.

Boot A:
- Feel a bit too tight at the side.
- Support at the ankle is better.
- It $100 cheaper than Boot B.

Boot B:
- Better fit for the side.
- Don't really feel the support at the ankle.
- Have to tie it really really tight to prevent friction when walking on slope.
- Right boot is much bigger than the left. (My left foot is bigger).

In the end, I purchase Boot A. What I love most is I'm allow to buy it home and wear it indoor to try it out longer. If I find that the boot does not mold to my feet shape, I can return for a full refund or change another pair. It's a huge plus point because one need time to really test the boots to see whether it fits. Plus it's not cheap.

I only start wearing it yesterday evening. I will need a few more wear to determine will it be mine forever.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

What have I done?

I haven't being updating my blog lately. I'm so disorganise.*sob* Or I'm just purely lazy???

I, hubby and Lisette went to Lakes Entrance for a weekend getaway last week. I will try to blog about the trip on my next entry. :)

I have being pretty busy this week. Ended up working till 9.30pm on Tue because the freaking PLC and SCADA didn't want to communicate. Burn all my brain cells that day trying ways and means. Althought I manage to fix it the next morning but I still don't really know what went wrong.

Discover 2 things after that.
1st: Driving in dark is pretty scary. But it's something which I have to work on. It's my 1st time driving on the freeway at night after finishing work that evening. I find the freeway too dark. Freeway in Melbourne is unlike Singapore expressway. Singapore light up the whole expressway but Melbourne only light up the freeway entrance/exit section.
2nd: I'm either getting lazy or getting old. I used to work late in Singapore, almost every freaking work day. I still manage to stay up TV channel surfing till midnight or 1am and start the next day again at 7am. But I can't do it now! I'm pratically acting like a zombie on Wednesday after working 12hours the day before. Felt tired on Thursday and even Friday.How did I manage to do it when I'm in Singapore??? (Eizac, remember you used to asked me the same question?) Anyone know the answer????

Almost another day gone by, Monday blue is here again. But I have something to look forward to!!! Additional member in the house from Sunday!!! Bet they will keep me company. hehehe

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

2 Years

"Is it a joke?" a few friends questioned 2 years ago when they asked when I'm flying off to Melbourne. I instructed all my friends not to send me off at the airport and they thought I made up the departure date. LOL.

I boarded myself on a flight on April Fool Day 2006 to join hubby in Melbourne and start a new life together. Or should I say to start my marriage?? As some of you know, I got married in Melbourne in 2005. I flew to Melbourne for a 2 weeks vacation plus a wedding. In fact, I don't felt I'm married after the trip. I still label myself as single but not available. Haha.

2 years in Melbourne and I have achieved and learned a lot about the place, people, culture and falling in love with the place. Yes! I missed my family the most, friends and food. I can't have everything in the world. One gain some and lose some.

There isn't any huge change in our life even since I arrived (guess "living together" even before marriage helps a lot). Both of us are working hard and enjoying life at the same time. There are plans which we have installed for the next few years and working to achieve our goals.

I will always remember this day as a day I left Singapore and start from fresh.