Sunday, 30 March 2008

Earth Hour

We participated in the Earth Hour last night. I had all the applicances turned off except the fridge and light the house with Bee Wax candle.

I was in the mid of cooking dinner and lighting up the candles when hubby stepped into the house after work. Didn't want to shower in the dark, he immediatly went to have a shower while I finished up the cooking.

Real candle light dinner! But not a 3-course dinner. We spent the whole hour eating and chatting. It was really nice in fact. We haven't done it for some time. It's always a 5 minutes dinner together and either of us doing the dishes.

The whole Earth Hour in fact reminded us what happened when we first shifted into the present house. We survived on candlelight for full 3 days as the electric company stuffed up the connection. Lucky we had plenty of candles to light up the house and gas stove to boil water for shower. Not possible to shower using cold water in the mid of winter right?

At the end of Earth Hour, we only switched whats necessary and keep to the minimum. It didn't last long before the whole house went into total darkness again.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Beach, Beach and more Beach

Beach, Beach, Beach!!!

We have being exploring Melbourne Beach for the whole of March.
1st weekend : Brighton Beach
2nd weekend: Torquay
3rd weekend: Philip Island and Elwood.

We actually felt SUMMER just started in March! That's why we are hitting the beach so often.


Hubby woke up at noon and suggested to head to the beach. "Huh, aren't you tired? You just knock off from night shift" was my response. Apparently he is full of energy and was to go for a swim + sun tan.

Off we go to Torquay Beach after packing some food, swim wear, picnic mat etc. It took us 1.5hours drive to reach Torquay and we found a nice spot at Fisherman Beach.

1st mission is to hunt for toilet and follow by testing the water temperature. We went for a walk along the beach and we couldn't see any toilet around. I was quite puzzled and continue strolling. By the time we found it, we were pretty lazy to change into our swim wear + the water is so COLD!!! How did the kids manage to get themselves wet?????

So we found a nice spot (shady area) and rest & relax by the beach. Had a cold drink, some snack and a short nap.

The weather was fantastic!!! It wasn't too hot or cold!!! The view I enjoyed when hubby was napping.

On our way back home, we went pass Dockland and managed to took some photos.

The Melbourne Wheel The Melbourne City


"Hmmm....which beach should we go today??" Hubby asked. I suggested why not we check out the beaches at Philip Island. We had been to Philip Island a number of time for the Peguin Parade but we never been to the beach. Destination decided!

Journey to Philip Island takes the same amount of time and same distance to Torquay. But it's a much enjoyable ride as the traffic to Geelong is always heavy.

Us arriving at the beach. The weather wasn't that great. It was pretty cloudy but temperature was quite high (30s).

Sorry for our attire, we were in our gym wear.

The beach is not crowded + wave is huge + it's a patrol beach. WE LOVE IT!!!
We manage to accomplish a lot that morning.
Victoria Market for marketing -> Gym training session -> House inspection at Box Hill -> Beach
That why Hubby can't skip his BEAUTY SLEEP!

This time we were pretty determined to get wet! But we didn't. It's not because we were lazy. The sea got pretty rough after 30mins and the life guards closed the beach. Flags came down and people start to pack and leave while we stayed. He has his nap while me reading my magazine and enjoyed the wind.
That's the only thing we did, getting our feets wet.

Just before we left Philip Island, we pop into the Philip Island Chocolate Factory.


Beach again!!! We went to support some of my colleagues in a cricket match after breakfast. Both were prepared to head to the beach again to cool down as the weather going to hit 40degrees. Hubby was having 2nd thoughts as we are enjoying the performance putted up by Adrian, Chris and Sri. But as the heat kicked in, we desperatly need to cool down.

Planned was to Brighton Beach. We passed by Elwood on the way. Saw the beach, saw the carpark with empty slots. So we just drive in, bought parking tickets and park ourselves in front of Elwood Life Saving Club.

We desperatly need a dip and just went into the sea after setting up our area and dumped all the stuff. We even slapped thick layers of sun block on ourselves to protect our skin. In and out, in and out of the beach as we sun tanned ourselves.

It was a nice 2.5 hours by the beach reading magazine, sipping icy cold coke and water, occassionally dipping into the sea water. It really makes me feel it's summer instead of autumn.

** Sorry no photos taken at all on this day. We just can't be bothered other than cooling ourselves.

St Andrew Market


This trip was planned at least 2 weeks ago. The gals (Robyn and Fiona) has being talking about going to St Andrew Market for ages!! (more than a year) Finally they got it organised and asked me along.

It was my 1st female engineers outing with them. :) Planned was to meet at Fiona's place and she will drive. I was in-charge of bringing Robyn to the 1st destination, Eltham. It was my 1st time driving outside my comfort zone (office, gym, vic market). Lucky I had Rodyn with me to direct me, calm me and guide me. It's a bit tricky to drive to Eltham but it was a very good experience for me.

I took Fiona 30minutes to drive us all to St Andrew Market. Opps btw, Fiona's Mum Diana joined us too. Roads by the side are mostly covered by parked cars when we arrived. Didn't know what to expect from the market, we had a lot of green bags with us and started shopping.

St Andrew Market

It's a nice market to stroll, look at interesting stuff. But there wasn't a lot of stalls or we expected too much? Robyn was the main shopper for the morning. Diana next, Fiona went home without spending a single cents. As for me, I went home with 3 corns, 1 sweet potato and 1 lemon. "Huh! Why did you buy such stuff" was my Mum reaction when she asked about our gals trip. It's a maket and they sell everything from cosmetics to clothing to fruits and vegetables.

We had our morning tea at a Chai Tent. It's really cool and their Chai tea smell so nice! I can't say about the taste as I didn't have any. But Robyn loves it and even bought a packet of Chai tea leaves from them.

The Chai Tent

If you do not have a cup, pay $1 as deposit and you will get the dollar back when you return the cup. I LOVE the idea! It cut down land-fill.

I spend the rest of the afternoon playing with Jeremy, Fiona's eldest son. I was amazed pretty amazed that he understand me. I still don't think I speak like a Aussie at all and my english sucks! Guess most important is all of them understand me.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Chocolate Biscuit

Chosen a really simple and easy recipe from the book named Crave a Passion for Chocolate. This book is a birthday gift from Lynn. We have been constantly saying wanting to try some recipes from the book but haven't got it going. Finally, I managed to last night after hubby went off to work and me finish chatting with Mummy on the phone.

I wasn't very sure how it will turn out. I just follow the instruction and not realising what I'm going to expect as not all recipes has a end result photo.

I will say it turn out really well. If fact I like the biscuits. It's so easy to do + it doesn't take up a lot of time either. I even pack some into a box and gave them to Fiona this morning when we went to the market (next entry).

The biscuits still hot from the oven.

I'm suppose to mix a chocolate icing and spread the icing in the middle of 2 biscuits. I gave it a miss as I felt the biscuits are sweet enough. In fact, I might even reduce the amount of sugar next time.

Monday, 3 March 2008

30mins Slot

I have 30mins to spare and the photos are uploaded into flickr so I decided to blog :)

I'm suppose to be busy preparing dinner at this time. But hubby called and informed me change of plan just as I'm about to turn into the apartment car park. He needs to work till 9p.m. as nobody is able to relief him from his shift. *-* I didn't plan to pop into the gym this evening either. That why I'm home super early. Made myself a simple dinner + lunch for tomorrow. So here I am blogging with 30mins to spare before Boarder Security start.

I had a pretty busy weekend. Hmmm should I say I had being busy all weekends since we collected the new car? Hehe

Activities for Saturday was to Victoria Market early in the morning to top up our fridge. Followed by house inspection at Box Hill North. Yes, for those who didn't know we are currently house hunting for rental. So far no luck yet. Haven't being able to see any house that we like. It's either too small, too expensive or condition of the house sucks! Anyway, we are taking our own sweet time. No hurry at all. It will be nice if we able to find something and move before end of May as my parents are coming for a month!!! I can't wait!!!

End of side track, Brighton was the next destination. 1st was Lexus to wash our car. Lexus and Toyota in Brighton offers wash for life service for the car if you purchase from them. Since we are planning to have a pinic at Brighton Beach, might as well pop into the car wash and wash the dirty car of ours.

When we reach the beach, both of us were staving! Guess what! We won't really at Brighton Beach! We were somewhere near but not. No idea where we were. Didn't realised it till we parked the car, grab the stuff and started walking down. Thinking maybe with a few minutes walk, we will reach the beach. It wasn't the case but we were happy to just find a nice shady spot and start the pinic.

I didn't prepare much. Just a sausage bun each, some vegetables stick and crackers with dips and some cherry tomotoes. The weather is nice, windy but not too cold. Fantastic to have a pinic.

Laying "Buddha"

Enjoying the sun, sand and sea. Actually sun and sea only.

As it was still early and we didn't want to head home. We went window shopping! Ended up at Southland. It was his virgin visit to Southland. We left once it's time to drive to Lim's Noya Hut for dinner. Yes Lim's Noya Hut again! We were crazing for popiah! But we got disappointed again. They didn't have them because they didn't have the main ingredient. Hope it will not be an empty trip this coming weekend (planning to bring some friends there on Sunday).

Last destination for the day was SkyHigh, Mount Dandenong. It's our 2nd visit within a month. The 1st trip was during the night time. This time we manage to reach before the sun set and stayed to watch sun set. It was beautiful! But it was really cold too!! I was freezing as I wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Didn't dare to step out of the car at all. We were watch sun set + DVD + eating Oneh-Oneh which we bought from Lim's Noya Hut.

The Oneh-Oneh were delicious! It popped in your mouth. Yum!!!!!

Scenery at 2018 and 2040. Sorry the picture is not very clear. That's the best I can do. Do make a trip there if you are in Melbourne. Bet you won't regret.

Oh, on Sunday we drove to Williamstown to buy mussels. Hubby sudden craving for Mussels with pasta. Yum Yum! But we didn't manage to get any fresh oysters as all 100 dozens were sold out when we reach at 1400. I will definitly call to pre-order next time as I have their contact now. :) No more empty trips.

Sunday, 2 March 2008



We started the day really early. Left the house at 7am and started our drive to Bright. It was a really long drive. Started it slow as the speed limit at Sydney Road is 60km/hr. But it's good that we manage to avoid the traffic as everyone is still in bed. When we reach Hume Highway the speed limit start to increase. Driver was so happy when he saw 110km/hr as the speed limit! It's his 1st time coming driving at 110km/hr legally. It's also the time for him to practise the cruise control on his new toy. I'm actually the teacher...hehe. He doesn't really know what exactly is cruise control and how it function as Singapore cars does not have them. Driving long distance for him now is a breeze.

He had a nap after driving about 100km and as for me, movie time. The car has DVD player installed. I can entertain myself as he take a rest. Finally after 200km more, we finally reach Bright. As we arrived much earlier than predicted. We decided to head to Mount Buffalo first before checking into our accommdation.

The National Park of Mt Buffalo is so huge! We wanted to go to the Horn lookout but it's was another long drive. In between, we did a few pit stop to take some photos.

1st pit stop

As the picture stated, it's called Grossmans Mill Pinic Area. The scenery is beautiful. Air is fresh and weather is getting cold.

2nd pit stop

We were already high up at 1540m. Weather got even colder.

Then we saw a sign and wonder how it will be like during winter.

On the way to The Horn

Finally, we reach. But not really at The Horn lookout yet. We have to do a bit of walking/climbing of steps/hiking before we reach the lookout.

YEAH!!! After countless steps and puffing non-stop, we finally reached! It's so high up at 1700+m. Air is much thinner and colder. Our ears also start to pain. We were so high that we are in the clouds!!! The view is fantastic and the climb is so worth it!!!

We didn't stay too long as both of us were hungry and my ears were hurting a bit too much for me to bare. On the drive out of the National Park, we drove pass a few ski lift.

We both had a nice and cheap beef burger with the lot (egg, salad, beetroot, tomatoes, bacon, pineapple)

After checking into our accommdation, we decided to shop at their local supermarket for dinner.

Mount Beauty was next destination. The drive to Mt Beauty was much shorter. But hubby was a bit too tired when we reached and decided to take a rest while I continue to watch my movie + a beautiful scenery in front of me.

The last stop for the day was Bright Brewery. Felt it is a place not to be miss. After such a long drive, I must try their beer!!

We had our meals at the balcony of the accommdation. Nice mountain view with simple, filling meals. Where can I get that?
Our dinner: roast chicken, cream of mushroom, salad, bake beans.

Our breakfast: Bacon, eggs, roll, bake beans and cream of mushroom.

Our accommdation for a night. It's a two bedroom self contained house. It even has a huge spa!
My purchases from Bright. 5 bottles of beer which I had 1 at Bright and 2 bottles of local wine.

We are planning to make a trip there again during the winter when my parents are here. It will be so great if it snow!!!

**I took a lot of photos during the trip and I can't really upload all into blogspot. To view the rest of the photos, you can click on any pictures and it will link you to my flickr account.