Sunday, 20 September 2009

Golden Dragon Palace

Golden Dragon Palace Restaurant is one of our favourite chinese restaurant. It's not a budget restaurant but the food served is really delicious and service is good. It's near our place and no problem getting a car park. I had never blogged about this restaurant despite of being there quite a few time now. That's partly because I always tends to forget having my camera with me.

They also served Yum Cha daily starting from late morning to late afternoon. I had bought my guests from Singapore (parents, my best friend) for Yum Cha and all of them enjoyed it a lot.

Last month, after a long day at work we decided to pamper ourselves. Spend some time together and have a good meal. Golden Dragon Palace Restaurant immediately came to our mind because we knew it will not disappoint us.

We started the meal with San Choy Bow (chicken). Loved the sweet sauce which comes with it and pines nuts which is used to garnish the dish.

CL had his usual Hot and Sour Seafood Soup.

Another of our favourite dish is their Peking Duck. The wrap is soft, duck is meaty and with together with the sauce it's one of the best Peking Duck dish we had in Melbourne so far.

Stir fry chicken, duck, prawn with cream& egg. This dish is under the chef recommendation section on the menu. We had tried quite a few dishes under the chef recommendation and it always impressed us. Same for this dish. It has a very unique taste, not traditional chinese food style.

Yong Tau Fu (Bean Curd stuff with Seafood paste). Although this is a very ordinary dish, they manage to do it really nice. The seafood paste is firm, not saltish and it didn't get separated with the bean curd when we use our chopstick to pick it up. We didn't manage to finish all the dishes so we had half of it take away for lunch the next day.

As for dessert, we had red bean soup which is complementary. Red bean soup is a dessert which I don't really eat but I actually loved this a lot. I always end my meal at Golden Dragon Palace with this regardless how full my tummy is.

Mei Cai Kou Rou (Pork with Preserved Vegetable)

The 1st dish I cook with my newly purchase 27cm Oval French Oven is Mei Cai Kou Rou (Pork with Preserved Vegetable). It's a Hakka dish which I learned from mummy and I haven't cook it for quite some time.

The size is just right. I'm amazed that the content doesn't get overflow when boiling even with the lid fully closed!

Last night, I cook a pot of Korean style beef soup with my 20cm black French Oven. Opps I didn't manage to take any photos. I will try to remember next time. :)

Dinner tonight will be grilling some thinly sliced beef and pork purchased from Suzuran with the square skillet. Yummm.....can't wait!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Le Creuset

The title says it all! I just own a Le Creuset cookware.
Not one, not two but three pieces!!!!!

The plan before we left the house to Doncaster Westfield was to search for the best bargain on a Le Creuset skillet grill. I never expect to find it at DJ + a 50% discount! I'm definitely getting it.

As DJ having promotion on all Le Creuset cookware range for 30-50% discount. CL decided to let me buy more since I have being "eyeing" it for so long.

After some discussion especially on what size to buy, what color, what shape etc. We finally came to a decision.

A blue 27cm Oval French Ovens, a black 20cm French Ovens and a 26cm square skillet grill.