Sunday, 7 December 2008

Op Shop Discovery: Ice Cream Maker

During my lunch break last week, I went to the nearby pharmacy to get more cough mixture (yes, I still have the nasty cough which I went back to the doctor on Fri and got a much stronger antibiotic + a puff) and popped into the op shop to look for more story books. Yes, I admit. I'm buying story books so much faster than I able to finish reading them. I can't help it! It only 3 for $2 which I did get 3 books.

I also found a ice cream maker!!!
It was rather dirty, old looking, manual operated ice cream maker. I spend some to inspect all parts and it's all in working condition. Only concern was the inner container which I will need to freeze before using. If the liquid doesn't freeze very well, it also mean I won't be able to churn the ice cream probably.

But it's something which I always wanted to add to my kitchen. It's small, just nice for 2 of us. Manual operated which I like (make you work before eating). It's MADE IN JAPAN! (antique!)

The lady initially told me it's selling at $10 but offer me at $8. Hmmm a good bargin isn't it? Alright, can't do much with $8 nowaday and decided to give it a try.

After cleaning it, it looks new isn't it???

Started freezing the inner pot + mixing all the ingredients for Green Tea Ice Cream yesterday. Started churning it just now. OMG! It's really manual work but I like it :)

Before churning

After 25mins of manual churning.

The instrustion in the box actually state churning for 20mins but no harm giving it another 5 mins right? The only problem I have is how do I tell it's time to stop during churning???

End product ready to be popped into the freezer to continue freezing.

Will try to get CL to tast some tonight and see what he thinks. I'm still trying to resist the temptation before I fully recover.

Homemake ice cream party anyone???