Thursday, 30 October 2008

Herb Garden

From left to right : Sage, Basil, Spring Onions, Mint, Rosemary

My existing herbs are starting to give up on me and I decided to plant a new batch. CL drove me to Bunnings few weeks ago. Bought 2 long pots, organic soil and some herbs.

I didn't actually expect all of them to survive especially sage and basil. They look dying after a few days. But now they are all growing!!! Especially mint, I didn't except it to grow that fast!!! Need to start thinking whether should I replant some of them into the backyard after I settle down at the new house. I'm even thinking of getting a worm farm. Don't think I have enough space for a compost bin. Plus worm farm works faster. Got to do more reading up.

Carrot cake

I had craving for carrot cake for weeks or even months! I was kinda hoping I could end my craving during Singapore Day but left the event in disappointment.

So few weeks ago, I finally move my lazy bum and tried making some. I made the carrot cake on Saturday store it overnight and fried them up the next day.

CL's prefer the white style of carrot cake while I perfer the black. So I ended up frying two plates in each style.

Black carrot cake
White carrot cake with Mum's chilli

It was nice but the carrot cake turn out to be a bit too hard. I still can't figure out why. I did follow the recipe very closely. Steam it for too long? Over cook? The black carrot cake lack of sweetness, will have to add more ABC sauce next time. I will definitly continue to hunt for more recipe and try it again.

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

I was watching Sex and the City movie when I'm suppose to blog. Now I'm blogging when I suppose to pack. *shake head* I do everything except packing!!! OH NO NO NO!!!

The house is full of boxes!!! On the left are empty boxes all stack up ready to be fill.

While on the right are boxes full filled with books, clothing, personal items. The 2 backpacks are full of CL's textbooks!!! It's damm heavy!!! Seriously don't think I'm able to carry it on my back at all.

I'm starting to wonder how many boxes I will end up with by Sunday night. Hmmmmmmmm

Sunday, 26 October 2008

More Shopping & Packing

20 boxes + 2 full backpacks lying in the corner. We manage to do more packing in the afternoon and also came back home with a HUGE HOLE in our pocket yesterday.

We had a orientation from our new landlord yesterday morning. We are getting to know our new home. The house is really cool in the morning. It has a central vacuum system which I will be using so no more dragging the vacuum cleaner around the house and changing plugs. The heater had being service because it's giving out a bit of noise. I was prepared to give the house a clean before moving in but found out the landlord had actually started cleaning the place for us! He had all the kitchen cabinets cleaned, carpet vacuum. The only task left is to clean the floorboard. He planned to do it after we left but we told him don't bother as it will only get worst during the move. We will do it after that. Looks like a lot of cleaning is save :)

After the orientation, we went to the newly open Westfield at Doncaster. It's huge! We had a early lunch cum breakfast and started shopping at Myer, DJ looking at fridge, microwave, LCD TV. Next destination: Good Guys at Home HQ, Nunawading. We exit with a Sharp microwave and a F&P fridge. The offer for LCD TV wasn't tempting enough.

Since Harvey Norman is just next door, we decided to pop over and take a look. Amazingly the prices they offer are better than Good Guys which I never expect it. CL ended up buying a Sony 40" LCD TV and a Panasonic DVD recorder.

Freedom, Office Works was next as study table, study chair are still on the list. We will be setting up a room as study. Plan is to set up 2 study tables, 1 for him and 1 for me. So that I can have my own space especially when I need to work at home.

Still have to pop into IKEA to purchase the bookshelves. Our books are getting more and seriously running out of space.

I hope after this move, the next 1 will be into the house of our own. Because I'm not enjoying all the shopping + moving + logistic at this point of time. I bet we will be hibernating at home for weeks after the move just to recover also to save $$$$. heheh

Saturday, 25 October 2008


I'm going to MIA(missing in action) even more. I was hoping to post some photos but I couldn't find my camera. CL must had left it in the car after bringing out last night.

I started packing last weekend. Spend 4 days, average 1.5hrs each time sorting out the clothes, packing etc. The house is in a total mess and I can't be bothered to tidy it. Lying in 1 corner are 10 boxes of our belonging and it's only going to get more hopefully after these 2 days.

Going to the new place later to take some measurement so that we can start shopping for some item. It's going to be a pretty expensive shift but can't be avoided at all (CL just got to work more...hehe).

Alright, I better go start showering and will try to post some food photos tonight if I'm free. :)

Monday, 13 October 2008


I haven't being blogging much at all. I was busy with work, watching LaLa land drama etc. It's going to get worst because I'M MOVING! Finally we found a place we like and the owner (yes, this property deal direct with the owner instead of real estate) like us. hehehe. The place was offered us this morning. A lot of logistic has to be sort out for the next week for the move. When to move, get movers, PACK, clean both houses, terminate electrical/phone/internet, set up the new place, change of address etc. With CL working shift, it's not helping at all!!!

I looking forward to
- a bigger space.....I can have a area of my own
- do what I want and not afraid of waking CL up when he just knock off from night shift
- a quieter more inconsiderate neighbours as the new place is surrounded by elderly

Hmmm but I don't think I will look forward to clearing. But if I maintain the place everyday and clean it every weekend, I guess shouldn't be that back right? hehe