Sunday, 22 August 2010

Scones 2nd Try

Minister got 10 bottles of jam from Miss Maple 2 weeks ago. You will be wondering how can we possibly finish them??? It's actually for my family :) Dad bought some back after his trip few years ago and everyone in the family loves it and were fighting for the last bits. We are travelling very soon and decided to pack some back with us. 

Yes!!!! Finally we are going for our 2010 vacation!!!! It will be our longest vacation and packing being a big headache!!!! Too much to bring and too little baggage allowance. Really need to learn how to travel light. Hopefully I can really document down the journey + most important the food and try blog some entry about it. 

Back to the scones, I tried baking some again :) This time round, I tried a recipe posted here. Instead of ending up with 30 scones for 2 of us, I only use one-third of the ingredients and ended with 10 scones. 

It's a really easy, simple recipe and I loves it! As i don't usually stock buttermilk in my fridge, I uses milk and add a bit of vinegar to make into buttermilk. I also try not to handle the dough too much as I'm afraid that will make the scone hard. 

Minister really got hooked onto scone and kept having craving. I baked another batch of scones again on Thursday and this time round, I bought some buttermilk from Coles. It definitely makes a different. It smell really nice. As for resulting had scone because of handling too much, I think I'm wrong. I definitely "played" with the dough quite a lot more this time and I still end up with really soft scones. Plus it raises quite a bit too.