Saturday, 30 January 2010

Craving = 2 Huge Pineapples sitting on the bench top

Even though I haven't being blogging, I still faithfully reading a lot of food blog every night. I started to have craving for pineapple tarts since last weekend after spotting some Chinese New Year goodies at the oriental supermarket.

It got even worst after spotting a homemade pineapple tart on Jeroxie food blog!!!! I decided to make some pineapple tarts this year!!! I didn't have any last year from memory. Plus there are friends who I can passed some too :).....dun need to finish everything by ourselves. This morning after exercising, I went to nearby vegetable stall and bought 2 huge pineapples. But they are still sitting on the bench top as I'm too tired and whole body aching to move let alone cook into jam which is a long process. Planning to do it tomorrow morning if not my CNY goodies won't make it in time.

Wish me luck in finding the perfect recipe!

Chocolate Snowcap Biscuits

I know I haven't being blogging at all. I had a few busy weekend for the past few weeks. Wedding to attend, CNY festival at Victoria Street, BBQ on Australia Day follow by firework, watching Australia Open and also catching up with friends etc. I also being trying to do my housework during weekday evening after work and dinner. 

This morning I attended my 3rd training session with Step Into Life. Both me and CL had signed up and committed 2 sessions a week. We haven't being exercising for more than a year now and it's really tough to get that back into our routine and the body is taking time to adapt to it. We realised how badly our fitness is after the 1st session. It;s something which I hope I'm able to continue even if my workload increase. *finger cross* Plus it's a great way getting to know more people especially when all stay in the surrounding suburbs. I'm definitely enjoying it but I'm exhausted and aching all over now. :(

I manage to squeeze in some baking last week after work. CL was scheduled night shift the next day and just nice to bring in some freshly baked goodies to share with his colleagues. Came upon this recipe when I was flipping thru a newly addition cookbook which was a X'mas gift from Zac.

End product on the left and on the right unbaked product

I had all the ingredients in my fridge and pantry and I reckon it won't take the whole night. But I was totally wrong!!! All because I didn't read the recipe detail enough! While beating in butter and sugar, I realised I'm required to fridge the dough for 2 hours! It was almost 8pm by then and there is no turning back. Told myself I just got to fridge till the max duration I can afford then. In the end, I did manage to fridge it for almost 2 hours and as the result, I ended up going to bed late. But it's all worth it because the biscuits are delicious!!! Firm, slightly crunchy surface and soft inside. The texture is almost like cake. The recipes stated 12 biscuits but I eneded up with 3 times more! I must have made them too small. My biscuits didn't cracked as much compared to the photo and I didn't coat a thick layer of icing sugar before baking. I was really afraid it will turn out too sweet. 

Ladies final is starting soon. I will try to blog a bit more soon. 
*faint* I got so much back entry still waiting to be done.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I'm still battling whether should I start taking some short courses. I'm not talking about courses for work but cooking and baking classes. :P I did start searching for such courses more than 2 years ago but a few factor put me off till now.

  • Location - I don't used to drive. Even till now, I'm still confine although I got my driving license and own car. I don't explore areas, places by myself. If I'm going out with CL, he's definitely the driver. I'm hoping I will gain my confidence and start exploring Melbourne myself. 
  • Cost - It's not cheap to take up short courses. A 4 hours cooking course costs almost $300. How much do I have to fork out each year to attend those I'm interested??? This year should be save, save, save! Planning for a long vacation (4 or 5 weeks) in Sept to LaLa Land to see my family and also to attend CL's bro wedding. We are also targeting to at least visit 2 asian country. Sipandan? Maldives? Thailand? Vietnam? Cambodia? OMG!! We have so many places which we would love to travel!
  • Will I gain??? - I guess no can guarantee I will learn something and enjoy the course. If I chose 1 and start with it, will it give me a better idea what the course install???
I'm still thinking, thinking, thinking...hmmmmmmmmm