Sunday, 2 March 2008



We started the day really early. Left the house at 7am and started our drive to Bright. It was a really long drive. Started it slow as the speed limit at Sydney Road is 60km/hr. But it's good that we manage to avoid the traffic as everyone is still in bed. When we reach Hume Highway the speed limit start to increase. Driver was so happy when he saw 110km/hr as the speed limit! It's his 1st time coming driving at 110km/hr legally. It's also the time for him to practise the cruise control on his new toy. I'm actually the teacher...hehe. He doesn't really know what exactly is cruise control and how it function as Singapore cars does not have them. Driving long distance for him now is a breeze.

He had a nap after driving about 100km and as for me, movie time. The car has DVD player installed. I can entertain myself as he take a rest. Finally after 200km more, we finally reach Bright. As we arrived much earlier than predicted. We decided to head to Mount Buffalo first before checking into our accommdation.

The National Park of Mt Buffalo is so huge! We wanted to go to the Horn lookout but it's was another long drive. In between, we did a few pit stop to take some photos.

1st pit stop

As the picture stated, it's called Grossmans Mill Pinic Area. The scenery is beautiful. Air is fresh and weather is getting cold.

2nd pit stop

We were already high up at 1540m. Weather got even colder.

Then we saw a sign and wonder how it will be like during winter.

On the way to The Horn

Finally, we reach. But not really at The Horn lookout yet. We have to do a bit of walking/climbing of steps/hiking before we reach the lookout.

YEAH!!! After countless steps and puffing non-stop, we finally reached! It's so high up at 1700+m. Air is much thinner and colder. Our ears also start to pain. We were so high that we are in the clouds!!! The view is fantastic and the climb is so worth it!!!

We didn't stay too long as both of us were hungry and my ears were hurting a bit too much for me to bare. On the drive out of the National Park, we drove pass a few ski lift.

We both had a nice and cheap beef burger with the lot (egg, salad, beetroot, tomatoes, bacon, pineapple)

After checking into our accommdation, we decided to shop at their local supermarket for dinner.

Mount Beauty was next destination. The drive to Mt Beauty was much shorter. But hubby was a bit too tired when we reached and decided to take a rest while I continue to watch my movie + a beautiful scenery in front of me.

The last stop for the day was Bright Brewery. Felt it is a place not to be miss. After such a long drive, I must try their beer!!

We had our meals at the balcony of the accommdation. Nice mountain view with simple, filling meals. Where can I get that?
Our dinner: roast chicken, cream of mushroom, salad, bake beans.

Our breakfast: Bacon, eggs, roll, bake beans and cream of mushroom.

Our accommdation for a night. It's a two bedroom self contained house. It even has a huge spa!
My purchases from Bright. 5 bottles of beer which I had 1 at Bright and 2 bottles of local wine.

We are planning to make a trip there again during the winter when my parents are here. It will be so great if it snow!!!

**I took a lot of photos during the trip and I can't really upload all into blogspot. To view the rest of the photos, you can click on any pictures and it will link you to my flickr account.

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