Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Free Flowers, Free Wine, Complimentary Meal

Free flowers, Free wine and Comlimentary meal is what we were given just before we drove away in Hubby's new toy.

The car dealer has already done all the planning for us. Where we should go to bring the car for a spin and even gave us a bottle of wine to BYO. I'm pretty impress that they even though of that. Guess that's what makes them the Diamond Dealer in Australia. I definitely didn't pay for the flowers, wine or even the meal because we didn't purchase the car direct thru the dealer. Hubby bought the car thru salary packaging and hence we paid a much lower price (comparing what the dealer quoted us before).

Hubby is getting the hang of driving his toy around. I can see that he is enjoying it alot. Who won't?

How can I end the entry without showing you hubby's new toy?

The new car in my apartment car park. Black car? But it's not!

We added the enhancement pack which consist of the GPS and DVD player. Hubby wanted to test the DVD player + sound system with his favourite movie Top Gun.

If you ask me, I won't be driving this monster. It's too huge for me to handle! I'm happy with my Blue baby. :)


Pebble Darling & Yuki Baby said...

wow! this big guy looks handsome!!! heard you guys went for a spin..took any pics where you guys went to?

cltyw said...

Handsome? It look HUGE to me! I don't dare to drive it till now!!! Did notice it take up most of the lane unlike my blue baby which still leave me lots of space by the sides. Don't think I will drive it any sooner