Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Testing my LIMIT

"How are you this morning? Feeling better today?"

"NO" was my answer when boss asked me this morning.

Once again, the project pissed me off. The client pissed me off! I showed my temper to my project mates and boss again. Honestly, if it happened few 3 years ago at LaLa land, I had already shouted at the client and prepared to walk off the job. That's ME. Those who worked with me in LaLa land should know how bad temper I used to be. I had toned down a lot since I step into down under.

Every Tuesday morning, the stupid idiot comes into my office, have a meeting and start telling us stupid stuff. Treating us like a 3 years old kid without any brain. Spoil the day for the whole team and we spend most of the day picking things up. It's a total waste of time.

Yesterday was even worst. I spotted a point which conflicts with what he said. Wrote him an email and he called. Telling me he is constantly changing the documents and he is not going to inform me what is being change! GREAT! I'm here trying to program and make sure there isn't any error on the documents at the same time and he only the other hand keep changing the documents which I'm working on. Doesn't that mean every week after he visited us, handed all the documents he had done, I have to print everything out and make sure the program is written as same as the document? As there isn't any track changes on, I have to look thru every single line? That is bloody waste of time! Voice it out to him that's not the correct way and he replied that we can check it thru during FAT. Sorted of told him off, FAT is to test the system when everything is done and not to check and change program.

I'm trying to be racist here. BUT who the hell doesn't review the document because the Visio graphic in the document can't be edited??? We submitted the hardware design documents for review few weeks ago; his feedback was he couldn't edit the diagram. We seriously doubt there's any changes required on the diagram at all! But we still spend the time and effort trying ways and means to convert the diagram but instead got informed he didn't review the whole document at all, not even a single word! Reason because he couldn't edit the diagram so he decided to bump the document aside and came up with a FANTASTIC SOLUTION! He is going to REDO the whole document! Type every single word out and draw from scratch for every single diagram when there is in fact a full document available which we have no problem editing except him! Who does that???? I can only say the Indian.

A lot of factor contributed to this stage for this project. I'm seriously reaching my limit and had discussed with CL which I slipped of mouth leaked to my colleague (Maybe it's not a bad idea).

A lot of thinking needs to be done on my side. If I leave because of the project and the stupid client, I can't guarantee that I will not meet such person at all since I'm a SI. SI deals with clients all the time. If that's the main reason, it defeats the purpose. I lose because it's just a way to escape.


Wondering Wanderer said...

Cool down, hope things are better now.

One of the systems we ahve on site here is, whenever there is a programming dispute, both bosses meet up to talk about it before it escalates. Cause if a particular person is unreasonable, he/she should be removed to ensure the project is moving forward.

Even if you conform to his every request, that does not guarantee a proper job. (Even though he is the client)

my 2c worth

cltyw said...

thanks zac
my boss did voice out our concern regarding the project being out of control and him changing the design specification(using program to change valve from normally open to normall close instead of changing the physical valve) at this point of time which he shouldn't. He laughed and answered " I'm the client, I can do anything". He even told me boss that he hurted him when he commented that the project is out of control(it's totally not in my control)
if i have the authority, i would have remove him from the project. but i don't. boss didn't want to strain the relationship with them and it seem like his boss(lala land sitting budhha..came here abt 1 yr ago)either bo chap or dun knw what is going on.
if the proj finish on time, the client will claim all the effort and praise himself that he did a good job. but if it screw up and can't commission(given only 3 wks)on time, we will definitly be the scape goat.
btw, the client piss me off again on fri. he kept insisting that he wrote the information on the list he given to us. but i can't bloody see it at all!!! either i need to get my eyes check or he need to go for basic english lesson
he's coming to work in my office for mon n tue and best part my boss won't be in till tue. seriously no idea how i'm going to survive the next 2 days.think it's really going to be a real test for me i guess.