Thursday, 19 November 2009

My 1st 3x

Today is the day I start my age is a 3….30th years old. What have I achieve or experience for the past 10 years I wonder??? Is it well spent I question myself.

At the age of:

20 – I graduated with a Diploma of Electrical, Electronic and Control and found a job as a Engineering Assistant or was it Assistant Engineer…..don't even remember the title. Started dating with CL, my 1st and only boyfriend.

21 – Experience oversea education; learn to be independent, learn how to live with housemates. Most challenging is learning how to live together with CL (yes we stayed together for a year during our uni days to cut cost), sharing a tiny little room we rented.

22 – Learn how to be independent again without CL. Sharing a room with another female species other than my Sister. Flew back to Sing with a degree and 2 years of experiences with money can't buy. Started working as a SCADA Engineer in a local small company which the slogan is "NIKE" = just do it.

23 – Working, working, working. Got to admit I did manage to learn quite a bit on job.

24 – Slaving myself and planning for an escape?

25 – Flew into Melbourne for 2 weeks vacations, at the same time got married, a week honeymoon at Cairns and back to Sing alone.

26 – Got my Aussie permanent residency, got myself out of Sing system, relocated and actually felt married! Got ourselves out of living with a bunch of dirty, super pampered, think they are very rich uni kiddies. Started working in an Aussie local company as a Project Engineer. Have our 1st kid.

27 – Promoted to being a Aunt and a Godma. Got my driving license after 2 tries.

28 – Finally I started driving and took over our 1st kid after CL bought a 2nd kiddo.

29 – Been living in a apartment my almost my whole life so after moving to our current place, it's like learning how to live in a house. Married to a Aussie on my last day of age 29…..yes, CL got his Australia Citizenship and took his pledge yesterday.

30 – What can I add into my achievement/experience next? A house? Obtain my Aussie Citizenship? Kid?? …..hmmmmm It's something I won't have any idea till next year but 1 thing I know is I'm having a stuffy +irritating + block + running nose and a pair of itchy eye. I HATE HAY FEVER!!!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

3 down 6 more to go

I have being trying to blog more especially on the back entry which I wanted to do.

Out of the 9 entries, I did 3. So 6 more to go!

1> Ayame
2> Tutto Bene
3> Kangaroo Island Vacation
Traditional Hakka Dish
5> Spanish food at South Melbourne Market
6> Good Life in Adelaide
7> Rockpool - My advance birthday dinner
8> My Surprise Birthday Present from CL --- Most important!!!!
9> Homecook food by Dearest Mummy and Me =)

I will leave my advance Birthday Dinner and Present till my birthday to blog about it :)

Tutto Bene (2nd Visit)

From memory and blog entry, the 1st time and previous time we being to Tutto Bene was almost 2 years ago. We tried our luck getting a table without booking a couple of time for the past 2 years without success till Sept 13th 09.

We haven't being into the city for quite a while so decided to spend the day in the city walking around. From memory the plan was to go to Crown and find a nice place for lunch. But when we passed by Tutto Bene on the way, we couldn't help but pop in to request for a table. Lucky stars fall upon us :). I'm guessing because we were really early, can see it from the number of empty tables around us.

We just love their Risotto and couldn't forget it! So far, it's the best risotto we tried in Melbourne.

Started off with some complimentary bread with olive oil. We don't really know how to appreciate olive oil because we can't taste what's so special about it and how it won so many medal.

Calamari Fritti
We were served by a really friendly, knowledgeable waiter. Because me and CL don't eat olives and we don't really want something too heavy for entree, he suggested Fried Calamari. The Calamari was lightly battered with semolina and quick deep fried. It's really light in taste, fresh and doesn't taste oily.


Seafood Risotto - Special of the day on the left and on the right Anatra, funghi e salvia - Braised buck, porcini, mushroom and sage

CL had the seafood risotto and I went for the braised buck risotto. Both dishes were totally different as CL's dish was tomato base and mine creamy slightly heavy base. Both were fantastic! Delicious!
I can even taste the "freshness" in CL's dish and have chunks of duck meat in mine.

Ruchetta selvatica con scaglie di parmigiano, olio e limone - wild rocket with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, lemon and parmigiano
We actually wanted to try Zucca arrosto con cannella e peperoncino - Roasted pumpkin with cinnamon and chilli but the waiter suggested to match our main with wild rocket instead. Gald we accepted his suggestion because it blend it with our main very well.

We only had space for 1 dessert to share and we ordered Creme Brulee.


Brulee al tiramisu con ganache di cioccolate e gelato al mascarpone - Tiramisu infused brulee served with in house mascarpone gelati and chocolate ganache
The sweetness was just right, soft and not watery. As for infused with Tiramisu, honestly I don't remember except did taste a bit of liquor. Does that count???

Golden Dragon Palace 2

During Dad and Mum's visit, we bought them to Golden Dragon Palace for dinner. Yes I had already blogged about this restaurant before but since I did manage to take some nice photos, why not have a short entry about it. Right?

It seem the restaurant had either updated/changed their menu or changed of chef. We couldn't find the dishes which we tried before in the menu. It took us extremely long this time to decide what to order.

1st we had San Chow Bao. It was Mum and Dad 1st time having this dish. They love it!

Yong Tau Fu
This dish turn out to be slightly different version from the previous time we had. On the 1st time, the tofu seem to be steamed follow by pan fry to crisp the base up a bit. But this time, the tofu is deep fried. I actually prefer it steamed rather than deep fried.

Fried Pork Ribs in Peking Sauce
This dish is nice but a bit too saltish for our tastebud. Would be nice to eat with white rice which we didn't have that night coz of the last dish.

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet
Initially we wanted to steam a whole fish but they didn't have the kind of fish we wanted.

Singapore Style Chilli Crab with Egg Noodles
They were having special promotion on crabs that night. Looking around the restaurant, most customers came for the crabs. So we decided to order some too.
It's really nice, not too spicy. The crab meat is really firm + the chef mixed the crab egg into the gravy.

We ordered too much food that we had to take away the pork ribs for next day lunch.

Green Bean Soup
I love their FOC dessert. Dessert of the night is Green Bean Soup instead of the usual Red Bean Soup.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

31st Oct Weekend

We are back to routine this week. Both of us back to work and CL on night shift during the weekend. That also means I'm going to have a lot of free time during the day while he's catching up on his beauty sleep. What's my favourite way of spending the time other than trying new recipes cooking/baking.

I always want to try making Sausage Roll especially after I spotted a Pork, Veal and Pistachio Sausage Roll on my Bill Granger Holiday cookbook. With puff pastry in my freezer, a new pack of pistachio in my pantry, a pack of mince beef which I just bought on Saturday marketing; I guess sausage roll should be a good idea for CL's supper. Something different plus I can finally try the recipe.

Pistachio Sausage Roll

The sausage roll turn out really nice but could do with less spices. The recipe call for 2 teaspoons of cumin, 1 teaspoon of coriander for 1kg of meant. "800+g of mince beef" was in my brain when I'm mixing in the spices with the cooked onion. But I was wrong! I only had a 500+g of beef but there's no turing back :(. I prayed it will turn out alright. It did! CL says it taste a bit bitter but that can be easily solve by having them with sauce (chilli, ketchup etc).

I also made a No-Kead Bread. I came to know about No-Kead Bread more than a year ago thru food bloggers entries. I always wanted to try but I do not have a cast iron pot or anything which has a lid that is oven proof. After reading Sarah latest entry, it occur to me I can try it now! I spend 17hrs on the 1st proof and it look promising. When it comes to shaping, I'm totally lost and I suck at it. It's definitely a long wait from mixing the ingredients till taking the product out from the oven. But it's worth the wait.

My 1st No-Kead Bread crust is really hard but soft on the inside. Is that suppose to be? It didn't look as nice as Sarah's. I coated the bread with too much flour, will need to cut that down next time.

No Knead Bread

I will be trying this recipe out a few more time to improve on my bread making. Plus I'm trying to resist myself from baking cake because CL will only eat 1/4 at most and I ended up finishing them myself. As a result, I gained a lot of weight. =(

Time to try losing some weight now.