Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Toblerone Chocolate Cheesecake

What we are cooking today on Nigella Lawson's twitter is chocolate cheesecake. That reminds me of the Toblerone Chocolate Cheesecake which I made few weeks ago.

Minister handed me a piece of A4 white paper when he got home from work 1 day. Written on was a recipe for cheesecake. A very motherly colleague of his knew that he loves cheesecake so wrote her favourite recipe and gave it to him. I'm guessing she knows I bake and cook?

I promised him that I will make it and bought the ingredients. But I didn't get around to try it and off we went away for 6 weeks with the cream cheese sitting in the fridge.I finally got around making it after being back for 2 weeks.

I did alter the recipe a bit. 1st was the base, Digestive biscuit was used instead of Chocolate biscuit. Don't ask me why but when it comes to cheesecake base, I will definitely use Digestive biscuits. 2nd, I didn't really bother measuring the butter. I just used what's needed to bring all the crumbs together. 3rd, I only had 1 Philadelphia cream cheese in the fridge so I halved the recipe. Even better since there's only 2 of us and we won't end up stuffing ourselves with cheesecake. 4th, I melted the whole bar of Toblerance chocolate and reduce the sugar instead.

Maybe because it's not my 1st time making a no-bake cheesecake. Therefore I know what to expect thus dare to change the recipe. The cheesecake turn out perfect! Not too sweet, very smooth and just the right size for us!

Recipe : Toblerone Chocolate Cheesecake
1 cup plain chocolate biscuit crumbs
1/3 cup butter, melted
2 x 250gm Philadelphia cream cheese (@ room temperature)
3 teaspoons gelatine dissolved in 1/3 cup boiling water
3/4 cup caster sugar
100gm Toblerone - swiss or dark chocolate (melted)
1/2 cup cream

Mix biscuits crumbs and butter. Press into 20cm base springform tin and chill.
Beat cream cheese until soft.
Add gelatine mixture, caster sugar, melted chocolate and cream. Blend till smooth.
Pour mixture into crumb base and chill (2-3 hours / overnight)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Wedding Banquet

The purpose of popping into Singapore during our recent vacation was not only to visit the family, it's also to attend my BIL's wedding.  It's the "1st" wedding event for Minister's family. Although we got married way before my BIL, we had a totally opposite wedding.  I  We wanted something totally different. Without family members, without customary, without grand wedding banquet, just a small wedding ceremony with 10 friends at Treasury Garden follow by a lunch at Windsor Hotel. 

I haven't attend a Grand Chinese Wedding for ages! I almost forgot what it's like. After the day ceremony, the night dinner banquet was held at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. As expected(the usual), the dinner didn't manage to start on time. While every family member were busy being a host, Minister and me decided to start the night with Pre-Dinner drink at the bar downstair. I know it seem very rude but we need a break from all the happening. Plus there's no alcohol being served during cocktail session! So just got to dig into our pockets and get some ourself.

Minister had the usual Lemon, Lime Bitter and I went for my favourite Lychee Martini. I ended sharing mine with Daddy that totally changed his initial thought of Lychee Martini. He tried creating t the comfort of his own home few days later.

Including my parents, we were assigned to be seated at the VIP table. As VIP table, the setting was different from the rest. We also had the luxury of having all dishes being divided and served instead of a whole. Actually Minister and me preferred to help ourselves to the dish but guess coz of the centre piece, they can't actually do that. 
In the past, the banquet consist of 10 dishes! These days it's only 8. After spending half the night waiting for all the guests to turn up, the dinner finally started at 2045!

Dinner started with Appetiser as the 1st Dish. Deluxe Chinese and Japanese Combination Platter which made up of Roast Duck, Water Chestnut Shrimp Roll, Salmon Toast, Squid and California Maki.
Next was a Soup : Braised Shark's Fin with Assorted Seafood
Sorry I didn't manage to capture a photo of this dish. Not because I'm too hungry or it's too delicious. It's because I didn't try this dish. I had stopped eating shark's fin for more than 5 years now. Ever since I started diving and learned live finless sharks being dump back to sea to die slowly, I swear not to touch shark's fin ever again! Plus it's tasteless!!! Still no idea why it's considered a chinese delicacy???

A Poultry dish was next : Steamed Chicken with Whole Garlic, Quail Egg, Button Mushroom in Brown Sauce. 

4th was seafood : Deep Fried Crispy Filo Prawn Roll served with Passion Fruit Sauce. This dish left the most impression on me. Initial though the crispy strip was vermicelli but coz it's not in white so I ruled that out. Only realised it's filo after I checked the menu. As this is a deep-fried dish, the sauce really helped to remove the greasy feeling.

Vegetable was 5th : Braised Duet Mushroom and Conpoy with Seasonal Vegetables. Opps just realised I forgotten to take a shot of this dish as well. Oh well, I don't even remember how it looks like now. Must be a very ordinary dish.

Fish was 6th : Steamed Fresh Seabass in Preserved Yellow Bean.

7th was Rice : Fried Glutinous Rice wrapped in Beancurd Skin served with Mixed Salad. Felt this dish was pretty special coz it was individually wrapped. Bit strange to be served with salad but I still eat it though. I need my fibre.

To complete the dinner was definitely dessert : Sweetened Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts and Pumpkin Syrup. This is my favourite banquet dessert! It's not a easy dessert to make. Heard the old traditional way of preparing was to cook whole peeled yam (taro) in the pot. Constant stirring till the whole yam cooked and melted in the pot. How long will that take??? Don't asked me! Not sure which restaurant still cooks it that way.

By the time we finished dinner, it was closed to 2300. It was end of night for us. Daddy, Mummy, Minister and me cabbed to The Fullerton Hotel to have a post dinner drink at Post Bar. They have a huge variety of sling to chose from. 

I went for the Peach Sling. Daddy chosen Singapore Sling. Minister from memory is Pineapple Sling. Mummy went for cocktail instead. It's great ending the night with a drink, rest and relax catching up with my parents and de-briefing for the night.