Friday, 2 January 2009

Grill Pork Ribs and Salmon

Few weeks ago, during out usual marketing trip at Victoria Market, I bought a beautiful slab of pork ribs from my favourite butcher ("we dun yell to sell")and also 1 whole salmon (left with bones and head intact).

As usual, I went pass a tray of fish body parts which nobody appreciate and wondered what I can cook with. A very nice fishmonger lady taught me to grill it with garlic. We decided to give it a try and bought 1 which only cost us $2.60!!!

Since I'm going to use grill the fish, I decided to grill the ribs too since it's a waste to chopped it into pieces and dump into a big pot of water to boil soup which I usually do. It's also a good chance for me to try out the griller.
There isn't much trouble preparing the fish, I chopped it into 3 big pieces so that it can fit into my 2 baking tray. Wash it clean and season with garlic, salt and pepper.

As for the ribs, I went into my cookbook collection. Found a suitable 1 in Jamie Oliver "Cook with Jamie". The dish name is Blackened Barbecued Pork Fillets. But I see no harm changing the pork fillets into pork ribs. Preparation is easy too. Just dump all the ingredients and marinade.

It's also simple to cook. I pre-heated the oven, covered the salmon with aluminium foil and place them into the oven. When the fish is done, I remove the foil and grill it for a min to crisp it. As for the ribs, I place them under the griller and kept on brushing the leftover marinade as what the recipe stated to build up a sticky, blackened glaze.

The Salmon is delicious! It's full of fish oil and surprisingly it's full of flesh! I'm definitly getting more on my next marketing trip.

CL loved this dish! I love the glaze as it's sweet. I will try using pork fillet next time and I bet it goes really well with steam rice. Maybe I can cook the left cover marinade and use it as gravy. Yum Yum!!

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