Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Hanging Rock

21-03-2008 Good Friday

Although it's a a super long weekend (4days) in Australia, we didn't manage to plan a weekend getaway as Hubby was scheduled to work 2 days out of the 4.

We woke up, made ourselves a nice hot breakfast and was lazing around in the house thinking whether should we go out. If yes, WHERE? Shops are all closed for business. Traffic must be bad as lots of cars heading outbound of Melbourne to start their long weekend away. Weather is not fantastic so it's not a good time to go to the beach. Finally, destination is set. We are driving to Hanging Rock.

We haven't being there at all. Heard about it and it's only going to be an hour drive. We will be able to reach there and get back before sky turn dark.

Traffic was rather smooth. There isn't much cars heading in the same direction. Within an hour, we are there! There are lots of family having pinic/bbq at the park in front of the Hanging Rock. We decided to go for the Summit Walk before grabbing a bite to eat.
We had a really nice slow walk. Took us about an hour return. The view was fantastic but could be even better if the weather was sunny. At the end of it, I felt it was a pretty good workout.

Totally no idea where should we head for food after that. We though maybe we could drive to the town nearby and see what is available. But before that, we went into the Hanging Rock Cafe to statisfy our caffine craving. We ended up eating there after checking the menu.

Hanging Rock Cafe
This little cafe really surprise us! We initially though food will be pretty expensive but it wasn't!!! Plus the food was delicious!!!!

My Homemade Scone and Berry Muffin. I'm can't resist ordering scone when I see them after having scone at Miss Maple.

Hubby's Eye Fillet Steak with Bacon and Cherry Tomatoes. Both of us loves the sauce! Don't ask me what it is. Honestly, I don't remember. Hehe

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