Monday, 25 February 2008

Itchy Hand

My hands are starting to itch for not being baking for the past 2 weekends!!! Hmmmm am I able to squeeze in some time to either bake a small cake or cookies????

We just spent our weekend at Bright. OMG It's such a nice place! We love it!!! Thinking of going again during the winter to see the mountains covered with snow. We went to Mt Buffalo and Mt Beauty, tooks lots of photos but I haven't had the time to sit in front of the computer and download all the nice photos + write a more detail entry about the trip. Hopefully I will get it done soon. :)

Hubby is talking about driving to somewhere else this weekend as he is not working again. Hmmmm where should we explore this time? Somewhere nearer?

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Lim's Noya Hut

Finally, we manage to eat at Lim's Noya Hut. The place was close for vacation when we visited them just a week before CNY. Both of us were so disappointed as we were craving for popiah!!!

**Elsie and Stan >> we found popiah! I must bring you there :) . No idea do you like them but they serve Gado-Gado, Achar, Har Mee, Satay, KL Hokkien Mee and more.

Hubby ordered Char Kuay Teow. I ordered Assam Laksa. Plus we also ordered Otak-Otak and Loh Bak to share. Yum!!!! Their Char Kuay Teow is penang style. Assam Laksa is so delicious that I finish all the soup! The Loh Bak is so home made. As the Otak-Otak is prepared in a different way, not really what we expected. But the taste was alright.

We were disappointed that we couldn't have their popiah as it's only being serve during the weekend. Same as chicken rice and some other Malaysia/Singapore hawker food.

Hubby initially wanted to end the dinner with Chendol. But we were too full! They serve ice kachang too.

Before we left, I had takeaway kueh! 1 peanut Ang Ku Kueh, 1 green beans Ang Ku Kueh, 1 slice of Kueh Lapis and 1 slice of malay kueh. I found Ang Ku Kueh!!!!!!!!!

OMG I got to ask Hubby when is our next visit...hehe

Free Flowers, Free Wine, Complimentary Meal

Free flowers, Free wine and Comlimentary meal is what we were given just before we drove away in Hubby's new toy.

The car dealer has already done all the planning for us. Where we should go to bring the car for a spin and even gave us a bottle of wine to BYO. I'm pretty impress that they even though of that. Guess that's what makes them the Diamond Dealer in Australia. I definitely didn't pay for the flowers, wine or even the meal because we didn't purchase the car direct thru the dealer. Hubby bought the car thru salary packaging and hence we paid a much lower price (comparing what the dealer quoted us before).

Hubby is getting the hang of driving his toy around. I can see that he is enjoying it alot. Who won't?

How can I end the entry without showing you hubby's new toy?

The new car in my apartment car park. Black car? But it's not!

We added the enhancement pack which consist of the GPS and DVD player. Hubby wanted to test the DVD player + sound system with his favourite movie Top Gun.

If you ask me, I won't be driving this monster. It's too huge for me to handle! I'm happy with my Blue baby. :)

Rest In Peace

Bye Uncle

Although I'm not very close to you but you seem me grow. I do feel the lost.

Rest In Peace

Monday, 18 February 2008

Life is fragile

Received a bad news from home few hours ago. Daddy inform me that 2nd uncle (mummy side) was found unconscious on early Sunday morning and was admitted to Malacca General Hospital. After test, they found that he has blood clot in his brain and was transferred to KL General Hospital as he required surgery.

Mummy and Daddy are on their way back to Malacca to see what help they can offer and maybe proceed to KL. As for my 2nd uncle, he is still unconscious and the doctor couldn't perform the operation till he regains consciousness. Chances of recovery is getting very slim.

I hope he is able to tide over but I'm also preparing for the worst. *sigh*


I'm now stone and tired. Spend the whole night from 2330 - 0430 at Royal Melbourne Hospital Emergency Department.

Hubby was sicked since last Sunday afternoon. Visited 2 GP 3 times thru the week. His condition got better and got worst.

Last night he was feeling so terrible that he decided to visit the ED. I was prepared to wait for hours before hubby is able to see the doctor when we step into the ED. It was not fully packed but was crowded. After he got triaged, he was led to the observation bed straight away! I was very surprised! Hubby said his heartbeat is very high that's why he was admitted straight away.

He had two packets of drips and some medication. Both blood result and urine test came back alright. Condition got better and he was well to be discharged. Root cause? No one know.
After spending 5 hours in ED, I began to understand why hubby decided to change speciality from emergency to ICU. The amount of abuse a nurse faced in the ED is huge. I think I even got called bitch by a patient last night by just asking direction to the toilet.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

1st Passenger

Gigi and her partner, Alan were my 1st passenger when I drove to Victoria Market on Friday morning. I didn't actually planned to drive as I don't feel confident enough having passenger other than my own husband. But I woke up kinda late and the weather wasn't fantastic. Thinking the traffic should be light plus car park should be pretty empty, I decided to drive.

I was totally wrong! The traffic was rather busy and I couldn't find a car spot which doesn't have car on left, right and front. I admit. I'm still pretty hopeless with parking. Don't mind parking further if I have lots of space to move my car around when I park. Guess I just have to force my way through in that situation. Lucky I did pretty alright. :) I was kinda proud of myself.....hehe

Drove to work last week and that was my 2nd time. I reckon I did much better compare to the 1st time. On my way to work on the 1st time, I got stuck behind a truck travelling less than 60km/hr. I wasn't quick enough changing lane and over take the truck. In the end, I follow behind the truck for quite some time. The 2nd time on my way back home, I almost witness an accident and also drove past a truck with a bust tyre right next to me. Notice the busted tyre when I was approaching the truck and I can't avoid the truck. So decided to step on the accelerator and drive past it fast instead of slowing it down.

Felt that I seriously have to drive more and get expose to different road condition to build up my confident and most importantly my driving skills.

Endless Fireworks

Helen in her favourite area (kitchen)
Today is the 4th day of Chinese New Year. Honestly, I only felt like its new year today when hubby and I went to Chinatown in the afternoon. The place was packed! Not only crowded with Chinese, there is also lots of Aussie joining the fun. Dragon dance and Lion dance performance filled up the street and endless fireworks! It's full of CNY atmosphere and both of us had fun walking around and listening to the fireworks + lion dance drumming.

We pop into Chom Chom for a quick lunch and guess what. We don't even have to crowd around others to watch lion dance performance, because we had an up close and personal performance at Chom Chom when we were about to finish the food. I told hubby "I don't even need to stretch my hand and touch the Lion coz the lion's body brushes past me." (We notice a lot of people tend to touch the Lion's head, eye, body etc. But we don't understand what the purpose of doing that is. Good Luck?)

The past few days had being a busy days for both me and hubby. An ex-roommate cum uni-mate came to Melbourne for a few days vacation and we spend Thursday evening and Friday bringing them around. (I hope they enjoyed the stay) We drove them to Philip Island on Friday afternoon to see the Penguin Parade. We even manage to get a few shots of the penguin at The Nobbies.
Yes I know we aren't allowed to take photos of the penguin but we can't resist. Plus its broad daylight, flash is not required.
I love going to The Nobbies. It's so beautiful and relaxing just to breathe in sea water and watch the waves.
Last night we went to Helen's place for BBQ. OMG it was endless eating! We were the 1st to arrive follow by Nat and lastly Jane and Lisat. Helen's family has a very nice, cosy place with a long history. It used to be a milk bar cum fish and chip shop. Hubby and I love her place especially the kitchen and Jesse's playroom! Btw, I baked some pineapple tarts again in the afternoon for the gathering.

Chef of the night, Jack with the food! Yum!

Pineapple Tarts which I bake on Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Email Ang Bao??? How does that work???

I purposely stayed up late and made a call back to my parents last night. Making sure they had finished the reunion dinner and free to chat with me. Dad just started giving Ang Bao and Brother-In-Law followed next. I even joked to him and asked for mine. He said he will email to me, just need to tell him how much I want. Hmmm...EMAIL? How does that workes? Fund Transfer??? Told him I don't mind snail mail...Haha

They were having so much fun, joking around and teasing Nicholas. It made me so home sick! I wish I was there sitting in the living room and laughing.

That's life. I can't have everything in the world. Maybe I will get used to it in a few more years?

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

2nd in Down Under, 1st in Melbourne

Happy New Year to all my family members and friends who read this blog. Honestly, I have no idea who read all my entries other than hubby, kaki in melbourne and sydney and some friends in singapore. Anyay, I feel it's an alternative way to keep my friends updated.

Hubby just asked me "Today is CNY eve???". "No wonder the chinese restaurant is selling roast pig." Haha, my dear don't even remember when is CNY eve. He is working night shift later which also mean no reunion dinner for us(only two of us, does it still consider reunion dinner??). He complained that he has to have his reunion dinner alone. As for me, I complained I even have to work on the 1st day of CNY. "HAHAHA" was his replied.

It's the 2nd year away from home during CNY for me and 4th straight years for hubby. Last year, we went to Townville for vacation during CNY. Had our reunion dinner in the middle of Great Barrier Reef as we were doing diving live-on-board. Spend the 1st two days of CNY with the sharks, turtles and fishes. As for this year, spend it with work due to poor planning.

Currently a Uni mate came from Singapore, will be having dinner with her later when she gets back from Great Ocean Road. Going to Philip Island on Friday. BBQ with Hubby's colleagues on Saturday evening. Still trying to organise dinner with some Singapore friends.

That's all the highlight for this year CNY!!