Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Follow up for Present # 1

Present # 1 was very well received by all his colleagues. Heard they loved it. I will make it again when Daddy's here. Bet he will love it. :)

Shira Nui

I just got back home from a very wonderful dinner with Hubby. It's his 31st Birthday today and I made a reservation last week at Shira Nui. I had being wondering where to celebrate since 2 weeks ago. Taxi, Jamon Sushi together with Shira Nui were is the list. Decided we should try Shira Nui and were lucky we are able to get a table for 2 at 6pm. As there is a booking at 8pm, we are informed during booking that we required to finish our mean by 8pm which I don't think we will have any problem at all. They even called me at 4pm to check my reservation. *I'm impressed*

We had a hard time deciding what we should have. Omakase??? It the end we had À la carte as we wanted to try more variety of their menu.

Me + 2 chefs behind the counter. We were the 1st few customers when they open at 6pm and we requested the counter seats.

FOC Appetizer. Sweet and Sour Fish.

Beware! Food photos from this point onwards! Photos presented are from the start to last. The waitress did check which dish we like to start first. We didn't have any preference. We just want FOOD!

Chefs at work, preparing our Sashimi
Chef on the right is the head chef also the owner. Cutting of sashimi and sushi is done by him. Chef on the left is in-charge of assembling and presenting the food. They work as a team.

1st dish of the night, Sashimi Main. OMG!!!! The fishes are all thickly slice, sweet and FRESH. The prawn was really fantastic. I don't used to like prawn sashimi but this has definitely change.

9 pieces Sushi. The rice is totally covered by the main ingredient. This dish is split between both of us. Hmmm looking at the picture now...."Lau Gong, how many sushi did you eat???"

While waiting for 3rd dish of the night, hubby started ordering more. Hehe

Mix Tempura. It's delicious. Not oily and crispy.

4th dish is Unagi Pressed Sushi. I'm was extremely impress by this dish. The Unagi was lightly torched on the top, filling in the middle and complete with sauce when served.

Last dish impress Hubby the most. Beef sushi. Beef was lightly grilled and dipped with sauce before assembling the dish together. Chef told us no soya is require for this dish when presented to us.

We managed to end the meal with dessert! I'm kinda surprise our tummy still have room for dessert or Elsie's theory "Dessert is for the other compartment" apply tonight.

Hubby had Japanese Fruit Salad. It consists of Green Tea Rice Cake, Original Rice Cake, Red Beans, Green Tea Ice Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream and Fruits.

I had Black Sesame Creme Brulee with Vanilla Ice Cream and Fruits.

We had a fantastic dining experience at Shira Nui. Waitress are very attentive. Dirty plates are being changed and table cleaned before every dish. The chef made sure we didn't have to wait long for our dishes. They closely monitor our eating speed. Maximum two dishes are presented to us at one time. We also notice they are very hygiene, food already prepared by head chef but in line waiting for presentation will be covered.

I have to start thinking how to convince myself to go back Shira Nui and try their Omakase.
Hmmm......think our 8th year anniversary is exactly 3 weeks time follow by 3rd year wedding anniversary in less than 2 weeks after that.
*hint*....you know what to do right? Hubby

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Cold, Cold, Cold

This is what I see when I look out of the window this morning. Rain plus fog building up on my window. I had my balcony close and window very slightly open for cold air.
My hands are turing numb as I'm typing this entry. It's cold sitting in front of the PC with the window beside in my t-shirt, sweater, long pant and bed socks. It definitly felt like winter in Melbourne this morning.

I just checked the weather report on The Age. Current temperature is 7.7 degrees but it feel like 5.3 degrees. Can't help but to check out Singapore weather for the day.

Melbourne weather report

Singapore weather report

Comparing both countries weather for the day, 20 degrees different!!! OMG, I seriously have to wrap mummy with layers of clothes, jackets and scarf when she arrive. They will definitly need time to adjust to the weather.

I'm meeting Fiona and Robyn to do some catching up later in the afternoon. Hmmm....I have to start planning what to wear since it's going to be really cold and raining. I haven't even change my wardrobe yet. Most of the winter wear are still in the suitcases. I seriously need to get some sorting out done soon.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Hana and Me

Totally forgotten that Lynn helps me to take these photos when the kids are still with me. I loves these photos that I have to share it!!!

Present #1

It's hubby's birthday in 4 days time! I made him a Tiramisu to bring to work tomorrow to share with his colleagues. I hope he like it. :)

Birthday present # 1.

Suppose to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CL" but due to poor planning, it ended up "HAPPY CL love". There isn't any space for the word birthday. Guess that leave his colleagues get the hidden message.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

House Empty

The house felt empty again.
A empty space between me and hubby on the bed.
Nothing keeping me warm on these cold days.
No one welcome us when we are home.
We definitly felt in love with the kids.

Kids have been back with their parents since Monday.


It's Mother's Day today. I like to wish all mothers a happy mother's day. Especially to my Sis Carol, Jasmine and Josephine(these are the mothers I know who read my blog).

I'm starting to countdown! In less than 3 weeks, my mummy and daddy will be in Melbourne!!! There will be a lot of chatting, laughing, eating, drinking and touring around Australia for 4 weeks. Guess that means less or totally no blogging. I know it's a good exercuse for missing a month right?

Me and hubby really have to start planning the 4 weeks vacation. We have a rough plan in our mind but it's not detail enough at all! I haven't even submit my leave form! OMG, we are so disorganise.

At the meantime, I'm making something for mummy. A mother's day present? Hope it will be completed in time before they come.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Craving for the week : Scone

27-04-2008 Sat

Craving for the week was : Scone. Hubby started having different craving every week. He doesn't fancy scone at all but after trying Miss Marple's scone, he falls in love with scone!

So up we drive to Sassafras, Mount Dandenong to satisfy hubby's craving.

Autumn in Melbourne

Miss Marple is decorated with very nice teapots!

We had exactly the same order as previous. But this time, I had my camera with me.

Fresh Chicken, Chesse and Asparagus Finger
Beef Cottage Pie
Ending with their Famous Plain Scone.
Opps! We actually forgot to take the picture before diving into the scone. We got too excited once we saw the huge and soft scone

We pop into Bluestone Candles to get more aroma candles. We bought more than required as they are having 20% discount before they start their start renovation the next day.