Monday, 13 October 2008


I haven't being blogging much at all. I was busy with work, watching LaLa land drama etc. It's going to get worst because I'M MOVING! Finally we found a place we like and the owner (yes, this property deal direct with the owner instead of real estate) like us. hehehe. The place was offered us this morning. A lot of logistic has to be sort out for the next week for the move. When to move, get movers, PACK, clean both houses, terminate electrical/phone/internet, set up the new place, change of address etc. With CL working shift, it's not helping at all!!!

I looking forward to
- a bigger space.....I can have a area of my own
- do what I want and not afraid of waking CL up when he just knock off from night shift
- a quieter more inconsiderate neighbours as the new place is surrounded by elderly

Hmmm but I don't think I will look forward to clearing. But if I maintain the place everyday and clean it every weekend, I guess shouldn't be that back right? hehe

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