Sunday, 23 August 2009

So Ang Moh Style

"Today dinner so Ang Moh" that's what CL said when he sat at the table.

I did nothing fanciful, just used what I had in the freezer + pantry. Mince beef + mince chicken + onion + egg + corn flake crumb = meatball. Packet of meatball gravy from IKEA in the pantry + milk = gravy. Jam from Miss Maple in the fridge. Some mash potatoes and greens. Altogether is my own version of IKEA meatball.

As I had served the greens in 1 plate, smash potatoes in 1 bowl, meatballs in another plate. CL felt yesterday dinner was so ang moh style. Scooping from 1 plate to after another, piecing his dinner together in front of him was rather unusual. Once he took some chilli sauce from the fridge, the ang moh style gone as I told him. LOL. Very typical of him having chilli sauce with almost everything. A friend of ours even laugh at him having steak with chilli sauce! It's something which can't be change.

Chocolate Cake

Yeah! I finally found the picture!

Thought I lost it but turn out I didn't look hard enough and detail enough. Plus I think I need to change my filing system for the photos.

This is the Chocolate Cake which I tried months ago mentioned here. Definitely going to bake for daddy when he comes, he loves cake. Bet he will enjoyed it a lot! As for mummy, I need to start looking into Butter Cake as that's her favourite.