Sunday, 25 October 2009

Excuse : Folks came for visit

Sorry for the lack of blog post for the past 1 month......My folks were here for visit cum vacation. In fact I just got home after sending them to the airport after a slightly more than 3 weeks stay.

I have so much of catching up to do!!!!

A reminder to myself......back dated entry to be done
1> Ayame
2> Tutto Bene
3> Kangaroo Island Vacation
4> Traditional Hakka Dish
5> Spanish food at South Melbourne Market
6> Good Life in Adelaide
7> Rockpool - My advance birthday dinner
8> My Surprise Birthday Present from CL --- Most important!!!!
9> Homecook food by Dearest Mummy and Me =)

OMG.....starting to wonder how long that is going to take me.....hmmmmm


penny aka jeroxie said...

That is a lot of updates! It will surely take you awhile....

I love the mix sushi & sashimi plate.... I just love Japanese food.

cltyw said...

I'm sure....trying to blog more :)

I love Japanese food too!! Love seafood.