Monday, 17 December 2007

Finally, I DROVE!

I drove myself to the gym and back on Sunday!! It was my 1st time driving by myself! Yes, I should have done it ages ago. Those who didn't know, I got my license in early August.....before I even started to blog. But I kept on finding excuses to drive and continue to have my Ah Mat(driver) to fetch me around.

Hubby even gave up on me! Stop asking whether do I want to drive. He used to pressure me to drive after I got my license. Guess he started to notice that I always find way and means to avoid driving. Hehe. When I finally requested to drive after the gym session, his reaction was "Finally you want to drive liao ah?".

Guess the triggering point for me to make myself drive was on Friday 14th Dec 2007. Hubby was schedule for night shift and I wanted to go to the gym coz I was feeling guilty of the greesy, cheesy Mexican food we had during my company, TechEng X'mas dinner the night before. Picked up my gym stuff from him before he left for work after his gym session. I went to do a bit of shopping before heading home after gym.

I MISSED the tram by just 30secs! I had to wait 21mins for the next tram! I was freaking staving! Started to curse and swear at the tram stop as the tram journey back home will be less than 10mins but I need to wait 20mins for the stupid tram! Lucky I bought some sushi for dinner which I started to have while waiting. My tummy couldn't wait any much longer!

Started to ask myself. If I drive to gym, that will only take me less than 5 mins. At the most 10mins if I drive at 40km/hr. I won't have to spend so much unnecessary time waiting for the tram. Especially during weekends when the tram frequency low. I'm very familiar with the road from house to gym as I passby every single day. Weekend mornings are the best time for me to start driving alone as there isn't much car on the road.

I'm suppose to have a morning gym session with my personal trainer but it was postponed last minute to sunday morning. Which is kind of in advantage for me as Melbourne weather was really bad on Saturday. It was raining and I wouldn't want to drive in that road condition for a start. I didn't even mention to Hubby that I planned to drive. Thinking I will just ask him when he get home from work. Before I went to bed on Saturday night, I messaged Hubby and told him I'm planning to drive the next morning. Asked him does he think I'm ready to drive alone and also does he dare to let me drive alone. It's sort of his car so I think I better check with him 1st. He's fine with it and even said "It's high time for you to start driving around!"

So off I went with my precious, not really little car of mine. I'm rather surprised I'm actully quite calm! I thought I will panic, scare, have a heart attack etc. I felt really stress with Hubby sitting beside me and expressing a disappointed expression if I make a wrong move or I couldn't park the car into the spot. (Oh no, hubby might make me sleep in the hall tonight :P) But I was wrong. In fact, it was totally opposite! I'm taking my own sweet time to start up the car, adjust the mirror, the seat and revising the rules I learn in my head. Wayn, my driving instructor had steps which he taught like if making a turn "mirror, indicator, brake", turn left "give way to pedestrians", turn right " give way to everybody" etc. It's all easy to remember and it all came back to be when I was driving and kept telling myself.

I was so happy that I took the 1st step and was kinda proud of myself. Even message Wayn and told him about it and also boost to Eizac and Elsie....hahaha. It did build up my confident and I will need to do it more often. Guess the next step will be driving myself to work. Hmmmm I wonder when I will do that or will there be another triggering factor to trigger me?

Ya, Eizac flew in from Sydney on Saturday. Me, Elsie, Stan and Eizac manage to catch up during the weekend. Poor Hubby due to work can't join us. I even did some X'mas shopping!!! More shopping to come especially on Boxing Day!!!!! I'm smelling smoke from Hubby's ATM and credit card!!!!!!!!


The Gals: said...

hey! congrats!!!!!
Start soon & by the time we go visit you, you'll be able to drive us around!!

YJ told me he plans to go visit you as a family when Jarrett is 3yrs old. Cos Aust is a place bb can learn alot of things from nature!!!

cltyw said...

*FAINT* 3 yrs old!!! you are coming to 6mths old....OH NO,that means godma has to wait 2.5yr...hmmmm hopefully I can see you in early 2009

The Gals: said...

hehehe..that I am not sure...could even be older than 3yrs old too..

Hope we can save enough money to have an enjoyable trip there soon. ^ ^

cltyw said...

start saving now!!!!!