Saturday, 19 September 2009

Le Creuset

The title says it all! I just own a Le Creuset cookware.
Not one, not two but three pieces!!!!!

The plan before we left the house to Doncaster Westfield was to search for the best bargain on a Le Creuset skillet grill. I never expect to find it at DJ + a 50% discount! I'm definitely getting it.

As DJ having promotion on all Le Creuset cookware range for 30-50% discount. CL decided to let me buy more since I have being "eyeing" it for so long.

After some discussion especially on what size to buy, what color, what shape etc. We finally came to a decision.

A blue 27cm Oval French Ovens, a black 20cm French Ovens and a 26cm square skillet grill.

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