Sunday, 1 November 2009

31st Oct Weekend

We are back to routine this week. Both of us back to work and CL on night shift during the weekend. That also means I'm going to have a lot of free time during the day while he's catching up on his beauty sleep. What's my favourite way of spending the time other than trying new recipes cooking/baking.

I always want to try making Sausage Roll especially after I spotted a Pork, Veal and Pistachio Sausage Roll on my Bill Granger Holiday cookbook. With puff pastry in my freezer, a new pack of pistachio in my pantry, a pack of mince beef which I just bought on Saturday marketing; I guess sausage roll should be a good idea for CL's supper. Something different plus I can finally try the recipe.

Pistachio Sausage Roll

The sausage roll turn out really nice but could do with less spices. The recipe call for 2 teaspoons of cumin, 1 teaspoon of coriander for 1kg of meant. "800+g of mince beef" was in my brain when I'm mixing in the spices with the cooked onion. But I was wrong! I only had a 500+g of beef but there's no turing back :(. I prayed it will turn out alright. It did! CL says it taste a bit bitter but that can be easily solve by having them with sauce (chilli, ketchup etc).

I also made a No-Kead Bread. I came to know about No-Kead Bread more than a year ago thru food bloggers entries. I always wanted to try but I do not have a cast iron pot or anything which has a lid that is oven proof. After reading Sarah latest entry, it occur to me I can try it now! I spend 17hrs on the 1st proof and it look promising. When it comes to shaping, I'm totally lost and I suck at it. It's definitely a long wait from mixing the ingredients till taking the product out from the oven. But it's worth the wait.

My 1st No-Kead Bread crust is really hard but soft on the inside. Is that suppose to be? It didn't look as nice as Sarah's. I coated the bread with too much flour, will need to cut that down next time.

No Knead Bread

I will be trying this recipe out a few more time to improve on my bread making. Plus I'm trying to resist myself from baking cake because CL will only eat 1/4 at most and I ended up finishing them myself. As a result, I gained a lot of weight. =(

Time to try losing some weight now.


Wondering Wanderer said...

looks yummy...... whats baking for xmas??

cltyw said... idea yet.....any suggestion??