Saturday, 24 November 2007

Tutto Bene

"Where should we have dinner?" Lynn asked. Hubby and me met up with Lynn and husband, Peter for dinner on Thursday. The gals have no idea which restaurant we should try this time. After some surfing and discussion, we decided on Tutto Bene know for their risotto.

Hubby order Cape Sante - tasmania scallops risotto. (can't find the exact name from their online menu)
I ordered a Classic Risotto. Funghi misti - mixed wild mushroom, parmigiano and aromatic herbs.
Peter's main in the background: Salsicce
Lynn and Peter side dish: Insalata Caprese - slices of tomato, basil and mozzarella pearls extra virgin olive oil and balsamic Hubby and Mine side dish: Ruchetta selvatica con scaglie di parmigiano, olio e limone - wild rocket with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, lemon and parmigiano
All of us were happy with our main. 1st time having such al denta risotto! They were excellent!
Since the serve wasn't huge. All of us still has space for dessert.

Peter's dessert: Biscotti fatti in casa - a selection of traditional in-house made Italian biscotti. A mixture of in-house bake + chocolate + biscuits.
Hubby's dessert: Zucotto - layered hazelnut, chocolate and vanilla mousse in rum soaked sponge with crunchy toffee. It's was so nice! The favour of the hazelnut was really strong. I love it!

Mine's dessert: Lemond curd (not on the online menu). I love this too! Initially thought it will be a tart but was suprised by it's appearance.
Lynn's dessert: Creme Brulee (not on the online menu). Were told this is a very new dish. The brulee is very smooth. It doesn't look like it's being baked at all! The sobert that came with it is fill with strong liquor favour (can't seem to recall what liquor it is). Lynn enjoy it so much that she can't stop saying Mmmm at every spoonful she take.
It's such a good dining place. The waitress is really attentative and polite. Service is great and so is the food especially the dessert! Hubby even rated the place 9/10.
Factors that affected the perfect score 1) small potion in the risotto 2) limited choice in side dish
But definitly Tutto Bene will be the place when we have craving for risotto.
Lynn and Peter gave me a bake book for birthday present, Title: CRAVE a passion for chocolate. AHHHHHH!!!!!I'm trying to lose weight and beginning to hit the gym a lot and now I can't stop fliping it. I'm also starting to itch to try some of the recipes! *faint* There goes my weight lose project.


The Gals: said...

wow!! all weird name for those dishes...why are all pastes?? is it to eat with some bread or pasta?

but the dessert look yummy!
oh yea, a cook/bake book for you is good! maybe I should get you one that is of local dishes for you to whip it up! ^ ^

cltyw said...

paste? they are suppose to be that way as they are risotto. all slow cook in stock and finish with cheese. is a italian rice dish. rice they use is different from the rice we eat too. not very sure whether can this dish be easily found in singapore restaurant.
ohh.....the dessert are simply fantastic!