Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Truman Koh and Jarrett Lim

I became a godma and aunt within 24hrs 2 months ago. My buddy gave birth on the 23th July and my sister on the 24th July.

For Jarrett, he has his own blog! Mummy Jasmine has been constantly updating it with photos + happening around him.

As for Truman, I can only listen to his cry when I call Sis or Mummy. That is why I have to kept pestering Sis to email me his latest photos. Finally she manage to squeeze in some time to upload Truman's photo and send it to me!

Wow both of them really grown a lot within a mth!
Sis has been complaining that he is getting a bit too heavy for her.

Aren't both of them cute and handsome????

My 2 months old Nephew Truman Koh Jun Kai

My 2 months old Godson Jarrett Lim Guan Wei

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