Thursday, 27 December 2007

Sassafras, Mt Dandenong

I just got home from Sassafras village at Dandenong Ranges. Peter, my boss bought me there for lunch last year when we were working at Glaxo in Boronia. Being wanting to bring Hubby there and I did today.
Sassafras is a little village about 45km away from the city. It took hubby about an hour to drive. Activity we did were shop and eat, very typical of us.
We shopped at their local shops like Bluestone Candles which we bought an aroma candle (it can burn for 65 hours!!) which is made from Bee Wax. Learn about Bee Wax and found it so cool + environmental friendly because no chemical is used. Now the car booth smells like lavender because of the candle. We were quite amazed by the power of the candle. Plus the candles made purely from Bee Wax smell like honey!
Finally found a teapot we both love at Tea Leaves. When we enter Tea Leaves, Hubby commented if we can't find something we both like here, we can forget about getting a teapot because they have such a huge range of teapots, cups, teaspoon, tea filter, anything you can think off when you think of tea. There are over 300 varieties of tea for you to choose from!

We had our lunch at Miss Marple's. I read about the place from a Melbourne girl blog and went to check it out. It was located at a very good location, there is no way you will miss it. The place is small, cosy and crowded! I'm quite surprised that they don't allow for reservation. Although it's crowded, we managed to get a table within 15 minutes wait. It was hard to decide what to eat because everything in the Menu seems so nice.
Btw, photos are taken using Hubby Nokia N80 because we onlu found out that our Canon digital camera wasn't working when we were there. That's why no photos on the place itself.
Miss Marple's Menu
Miss Marple's Interior Design

I decided to try their famous scones and Hubby a beef cottage pie. We even ordered their famous finger halfway though our meal as Hubby still has space in his tummy...hehe

Hubby patiently waiting for his food.

1st to arrive, Hubby IPSY WIPSY... Soft-drink spider + my pot of tea at the back.

Also 'Miss Marple's Own' delicious home-made jam and freshly whipped cream for my Scones.
Next were
Cottage Pie: Beef
This Country England speciality is a delicious potato topped pie accompanied by Miss Marple's Own sauce.

Devonshire Scones
Miss Marple's world renowned specialty - 1 Plain Scones and 1 Fruit Scones

Me and my Scone covered with Jam

Lastly,Miss Marple’s Famous Finger:Fresh Chicken, Chesse and Asparagus Finger

Let talk me introduce the pie 1st. There isn't any crust on the pie. It uses a oval baking dish to contain the food. The beef is finely minced and juicy, smashed potato is smooth. It taste fantastic.
As for the Scones, it is tall and huge! It taste so good that Hubby say this is the place if we have craving for Scones. It's not too soft or hard and most important it does not taste dry. Together with the jam, it just make me fall in love with Scones.
We actually wanted to have dessert but notice that a lot of customers are having fingers. Decided to tack along with them an ordered a share. OMG! We did not make a wrong move. You should see Hubby expression when he took the 1st mouth. I kept asking him how he find them. "You got to taste it yourself" was his answer. It is so nice! Moist on the inside, super crunchy at the base and fully covered with melted cheese. Seriously no idea how they do it.


The Gals: said...

oh, i love their deco. Sitting in there will sure to have those childhood fairy tale feeling of X'mas....
those dishes you eat makes me feel like joining you!! =P

cltyw said...

i love the place! can't wait to go there again! CL also like the place...hehe