Sunday, 13 April 2008

What have I done?

I haven't being updating my blog lately. I'm so disorganise.*sob* Or I'm just purely lazy???

I, hubby and Lisette went to Lakes Entrance for a weekend getaway last week. I will try to blog about the trip on my next entry. :)

I have being pretty busy this week. Ended up working till 9.30pm on Tue because the freaking PLC and SCADA didn't want to communicate. Burn all my brain cells that day trying ways and means. Althought I manage to fix it the next morning but I still don't really know what went wrong.

Discover 2 things after that.
1st: Driving in dark is pretty scary. But it's something which I have to work on. It's my 1st time driving on the freeway at night after finishing work that evening. I find the freeway too dark. Freeway in Melbourne is unlike Singapore expressway. Singapore light up the whole expressway but Melbourne only light up the freeway entrance/exit section.
2nd: I'm either getting lazy or getting old. I used to work late in Singapore, almost every freaking work day. I still manage to stay up TV channel surfing till midnight or 1am and start the next day again at 7am. But I can't do it now! I'm pratically acting like a zombie on Wednesday after working 12hours the day before. Felt tired on Thursday and even Friday.How did I manage to do it when I'm in Singapore??? (Eizac, remember you used to asked me the same question?) Anyone know the answer????

Almost another day gone by, Monday blue is here again. But I have something to look forward to!!! Additional member in the house from Sunday!!! Bet they will keep me company. hehehe


Wondering Wanderer said...

might be due to the weather, getting cooler, feeler more tired during the day too!!!

Jarrett Lim G.W said...

guess after your special additions to your house, you won't have time to blog! hehe..

cltyw said...

Wondering Wonder >> that's right! it's such a huge different in weather. Why didn't I think of that???

Jarrett >> i haven't had the chance to take come photos and post it here.