Friday, 25 April 2008


I'm currently pet sitting as Stan and Elsie are away for 2 weeks. Their kids are temporary my kids..hehe.

They have being staying with us for 5 days now.Picked them up on Sunday evening. The initially 2 days are orientation days. We starting to know Hana and Poo Poo character and behaviour. While they, especially Hana start to know our time schedule and character.

Hana definitly likes Hubby a lot! Both of them go crazy once they start to play. Hana is afraid of me more than Hubby. Think I'm more strict and fierce compared to Hubby. She doesn't dare to go beyond the limit when she is with me.

Poo Poo was initially pretty noisy at night. But we notice the amount of noise he made decreases a lot for the past 2 nights. We even had our room door open last night as Hana want to come into the room to check on us.

Taking care of them is a breeze! They are so well trained! We are enjoying their company. :) Except we have to clear their shit everyday. Sometimes twice a day for Poo Poo. Hubby will say when he is clearing their tray "At work I need to clear patient's shit. Come home need to clear your shit". But I can see that he is enjoying it. HAHA

OMG I think Hana is snoring!! Took her to the park for a long walk and she asked me to play fetch with her when we got home. She made me chase after her round and round in the house.

Hana loves being in the sun. We tends to lift the blinds up when we aren't at home so that she can enjoy the sunlight.

She looks so tired after a long walk.

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Jarrett Lim G.W said...

I am sure they'll enjoy being with you guys.