Sunday, 27 April 2008

Chicken Pie

Pie is one of the food item I wish to try ages ago but I find it's a bit troublesome making the pastry. Plus there are a few different types: shortcrust, puff, sweetcrust, filo etc. What's the different??? Honestly I have no bloody idea at all because pie if not 1 of the food I eat often while I grew up.

I did asked Sue(my colleague) for advise on pastry and she recommanded me to buy off the shelves pastry from the supermarket. They are nice and it save so much time!

Two weeks ago, I went to Victoria Garden. Bought a Maxwell & Williams baking dish from House and a packet of Pampas puff pastry from Coles. Got home and started to make Chicken Pie.


The recipe is quick and easy. Most important it taste delicious and Hubby loves the pastry!

Hmmm I still have 4 sheets of pastry in my freeze. What should I try next???

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Jarrett Lim G.W said...

chicken pie!! my fav!!
Learn more pie recipe & bake us one! hehehehee