Sunday, 20 April 2008

Backpacking Boots

I'm really lazy this weekend therefore didn't achieve much. Shopping for both days! Saturday was shopping with Lynn at City DFO. I didn't buy anything on that day. On Sunday hubby had the craving to Yum Cha. He's afraid of me being bored at home so decided to bring me shopping!!!

Hubby >> YES! I admit you pamper me (i won't complain if you do it more often...hehe) but you must admit I pamper you even MORE!!!

Few hours shopping = burning one big hole in hubby's pocket. He bought a pair of walking pant, a cleaning kit for his water bag and me a backpacking boots which is long over due.

A good pair of walking boots was on my thing to buy list since last year. I kept postponing shopping for it as I know it will be costly. Trip to Lakes Entrance made me realised I can't delay much longer. Therefore I decided to buy it now and season it for my road trip in June.


I tried on 2 pairs of boots.

Boot A:
- Feel a bit too tight at the side.
- Support at the ankle is better.
- It $100 cheaper than Boot B.

Boot B:
- Better fit for the side.
- Don't really feel the support at the ankle.
- Have to tie it really really tight to prevent friction when walking on slope.
- Right boot is much bigger than the left. (My left foot is bigger).

In the end, I purchase Boot A. What I love most is I'm allow to buy it home and wear it indoor to try it out longer. If I find that the boot does not mold to my feet shape, I can return for a full refund or change another pair. It's a huge plus point because one need time to really test the boots to see whether it fits. Plus it's not cheap.

I only start wearing it yesterday evening. I will need a few more wear to determine will it be mine forever.


Wondering Wanderer said...

make sure the boots are worn in before u go on your long walks.....

cltyw said...

Bro,thanks for the advise. I will slowly extending the duration of each wear. Make them softer before going for long walk.