Sunday, 10 February 2008

Endless Fireworks

Helen in her favourite area (kitchen)
Today is the 4th day of Chinese New Year. Honestly, I only felt like its new year today when hubby and I went to Chinatown in the afternoon. The place was packed! Not only crowded with Chinese, there is also lots of Aussie joining the fun. Dragon dance and Lion dance performance filled up the street and endless fireworks! It's full of CNY atmosphere and both of us had fun walking around and listening to the fireworks + lion dance drumming.

We pop into Chom Chom for a quick lunch and guess what. We don't even have to crowd around others to watch lion dance performance, because we had an up close and personal performance at Chom Chom when we were about to finish the food. I told hubby "I don't even need to stretch my hand and touch the Lion coz the lion's body brushes past me." (We notice a lot of people tend to touch the Lion's head, eye, body etc. But we don't understand what the purpose of doing that is. Good Luck?)

The past few days had being a busy days for both me and hubby. An ex-roommate cum uni-mate came to Melbourne for a few days vacation and we spend Thursday evening and Friday bringing them around. (I hope they enjoyed the stay) We drove them to Philip Island on Friday afternoon to see the Penguin Parade. We even manage to get a few shots of the penguin at The Nobbies.
Yes I know we aren't allowed to take photos of the penguin but we can't resist. Plus its broad daylight, flash is not required.
I love going to The Nobbies. It's so beautiful and relaxing just to breathe in sea water and watch the waves.
Last night we went to Helen's place for BBQ. OMG it was endless eating! We were the 1st to arrive follow by Nat and lastly Jane and Lisat. Helen's family has a very nice, cosy place with a long history. It used to be a milk bar cum fish and chip shop. Hubby and I love her place especially the kitchen and Jesse's playroom! Btw, I baked some pineapple tarts again in the afternoon for the gathering.

Chef of the night, Jack with the food! Yum!

Pineapple Tarts which I bake on Saturday afternoon.