Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Lim's Noya Hut

Finally, we manage to eat at Lim's Noya Hut. The place was close for vacation when we visited them just a week before CNY. Both of us were so disappointed as we were craving for popiah!!!

**Elsie and Stan >> we found popiah! I must bring you there :) . No idea do you like them but they serve Gado-Gado, Achar, Har Mee, Satay, KL Hokkien Mee and more.

Hubby ordered Char Kuay Teow. I ordered Assam Laksa. Plus we also ordered Otak-Otak and Loh Bak to share. Yum!!!! Their Char Kuay Teow is penang style. Assam Laksa is so delicious that I finish all the soup! The Loh Bak is so home made. As the Otak-Otak is prepared in a different way, not really what we expected. But the taste was alright.

We were disappointed that we couldn't have their popiah as it's only being serve during the weekend. Same as chicken rice and some other Malaysia/Singapore hawker food.

Hubby initially wanted to end the dinner with Chendol. But we were too full! They serve ice kachang too.

Before we left, I had takeaway kueh! 1 peanut Ang Ku Kueh, 1 green beans Ang Ku Kueh, 1 slice of Kueh Lapis and 1 slice of malay kueh. I found Ang Ku Kueh!!!!!!!!!

OMG I got to ask Hubby when is our next visit...hehe


Pebble Darling & Yuki Baby said...

so i guess everytime you miss local food you can always go back there for it?

cltyw said...

YES!!! But I haven't manage to try their popiah. :( But that is definitly a spot which we will frequent during the weekend when we have craving for singapore/malaysia food.