Monday, 18 February 2008


I'm now stone and tired. Spend the whole night from 2330 - 0430 at Royal Melbourne Hospital Emergency Department.

Hubby was sicked since last Sunday afternoon. Visited 2 GP 3 times thru the week. His condition got better and got worst.

Last night he was feeling so terrible that he decided to visit the ED. I was prepared to wait for hours before hubby is able to see the doctor when we step into the ED. It was not fully packed but was crowded. After he got triaged, he was led to the observation bed straight away! I was very surprised! Hubby said his heartbeat is very high that's why he was admitted straight away.

He had two packets of drips and some medication. Both blood result and urine test came back alright. Condition got better and he was well to be discharged. Root cause? No one know.
After spending 5 hours in ED, I began to understand why hubby decided to change speciality from emergency to ICU. The amount of abuse a nurse faced in the ED is huge. I think I even got called bitch by a patient last night by just asking direction to the toilet.

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