Wednesday, 6 February 2008

2nd in Down Under, 1st in Melbourne

Happy New Year to all my family members and friends who read this blog. Honestly, I have no idea who read all my entries other than hubby, kaki in melbourne and sydney and some friends in singapore. Anyay, I feel it's an alternative way to keep my friends updated.

Hubby just asked me "Today is CNY eve???". "No wonder the chinese restaurant is selling roast pig." Haha, my dear don't even remember when is CNY eve. He is working night shift later which also mean no reunion dinner for us(only two of us, does it still consider reunion dinner??). He complained that he has to have his reunion dinner alone. As for me, I complained I even have to work on the 1st day of CNY. "HAHAHA" was his replied.

It's the 2nd year away from home during CNY for me and 4th straight years for hubby. Last year, we went to Townville for vacation during CNY. Had our reunion dinner in the middle of Great Barrier Reef as we were doing diving live-on-board. Spend the 1st two days of CNY with the sharks, turtles and fishes. As for this year, spend it with work due to poor planning.

Currently a Uni mate came from Singapore, will be having dinner with her later when she gets back from Great Ocean Road. Going to Philip Island on Friday. BBQ with Hubby's colleagues on Saturday evening. Still trying to organise dinner with some Singapore friends.

That's all the highlight for this year CNY!!

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