Saturday, 8 March 2008

Chocolate Biscuit

Chosen a really simple and easy recipe from the book named Crave a Passion for Chocolate. This book is a birthday gift from Lynn. We have been constantly saying wanting to try some recipes from the book but haven't got it going. Finally, I managed to last night after hubby went off to work and me finish chatting with Mummy on the phone.

I wasn't very sure how it will turn out. I just follow the instruction and not realising what I'm going to expect as not all recipes has a end result photo.

I will say it turn out really well. If fact I like the biscuits. It's so easy to do + it doesn't take up a lot of time either. I even pack some into a box and gave them to Fiona this morning when we went to the market (next entry).

The biscuits still hot from the oven.

I'm suppose to mix a chocolate icing and spread the icing in the middle of 2 biscuits. I gave it a miss as I felt the biscuits are sweet enough. In fact, I might even reduce the amount of sugar next time.

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