Sunday, 26 October 2008

More Shopping & Packing

20 boxes + 2 full backpacks lying in the corner. We manage to do more packing in the afternoon and also came back home with a HUGE HOLE in our pocket yesterday.

We had a orientation from our new landlord yesterday morning. We are getting to know our new home. The house is really cool in the morning. It has a central vacuum system which I will be using so no more dragging the vacuum cleaner around the house and changing plugs. The heater had being service because it's giving out a bit of noise. I was prepared to give the house a clean before moving in but found out the landlord had actually started cleaning the place for us! He had all the kitchen cabinets cleaned, carpet vacuum. The only task left is to clean the floorboard. He planned to do it after we left but we told him don't bother as it will only get worst during the move. We will do it after that. Looks like a lot of cleaning is save :)

After the orientation, we went to the newly open Westfield at Doncaster. It's huge! We had a early lunch cum breakfast and started shopping at Myer, DJ looking at fridge, microwave, LCD TV. Next destination: Good Guys at Home HQ, Nunawading. We exit with a Sharp microwave and a F&P fridge. The offer for LCD TV wasn't tempting enough.

Since Harvey Norman is just next door, we decided to pop over and take a look. Amazingly the prices they offer are better than Good Guys which I never expect it. CL ended up buying a Sony 40" LCD TV and a Panasonic DVD recorder.

Freedom, Office Works was next as study table, study chair are still on the list. We will be setting up a room as study. Plan is to set up 2 study tables, 1 for him and 1 for me. So that I can have my own space especially when I need to work at home.

Still have to pop into IKEA to purchase the bookshelves. Our books are getting more and seriously running out of space.

I hope after this move, the next 1 will be into the house of our own. Because I'm not enjoying all the shopping + moving + logistic at this point of time. I bet we will be hibernating at home for weeks after the move just to recover also to save $$$$. heheh


Wondering Wanderer said...

Woo hoo 40" LCD. Look out I'll be looking forward to heading over soon to enjoy anime at your place!!

cltyw said...

u are more than welcome!! u can even stay with us if u dun mind..u can have movie marathon on stephen chow's movies with CL...haha