Saturday, 25 October 2008


I'm going to MIA(missing in action) even more. I was hoping to post some photos but I couldn't find my camera. CL must had left it in the car after bringing out last night.

I started packing last weekend. Spend 4 days, average 1.5hrs each time sorting out the clothes, packing etc. The house is in a total mess and I can't be bothered to tidy it. Lying in 1 corner are 10 boxes of our belonging and it's only going to get more hopefully after these 2 days.

Going to the new place later to take some measurement so that we can start shopping for some item. It's going to be a pretty expensive shift but can't be avoided at all (CL just got to work more...hehe).

Alright, I better go start showering and will try to post some food photos tonight if I'm free. :)

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