Thursday, 30 October 2008

Carrot cake

I had craving for carrot cake for weeks or even months! I was kinda hoping I could end my craving during Singapore Day but left the event in disappointment.

So few weeks ago, I finally move my lazy bum and tried making some. I made the carrot cake on Saturday store it overnight and fried them up the next day.

CL's prefer the white style of carrot cake while I perfer the black. So I ended up frying two plates in each style.

Black carrot cake
White carrot cake with Mum's chilli

It was nice but the carrot cake turn out to be a bit too hard. I still can't figure out why. I did follow the recipe very closely. Steam it for too long? Over cook? The black carrot cake lack of sweetness, will have to add more ABC sauce next time. I will definitly continue to hunt for more recipe and try it again.

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