Monday, 24 January 2011

Pineapple Tarts Revisit

Wow looking thru the blog entry, I already had 2 entries about CNY goodies, pineapple tarts.
Twice in 2008 and once last year. But I didn't make any in 2009, too lazy and trying to control my diet. Well it didn't really works isn't it?

This year is no surprise, I baked a very small quantity compared to last few years. But the number of pineapple I used was actually the most! How did that happen? *scratch head*

For the pineapple jam, I'm back to the traditional granting method, drained it on a sift and follow by cooking it on the stove. When I did it on friday night, the end product was so little that I was shocked. I can't even produce 30 pineapple tarts with that amount. Is it because the pineapple I chosen were too ripe?

The next morning, I went pineapple shopping again. This time round I ended up with another 2 pineapples which looked ripe but they were not when I cut into them. But they were more easier to grant and produced more.


I wasn't required to stand in front of the stove stirring for a long period this time round because each batch of pineapple jam wasn't big quantity. As for the jam, I only added raw sugar when it's almost ready. That's how Granny, Aunt and Mummy used to do it.

From memory, Aunt's recipe for the pastry is 1:1 ratio of flour and planta (Malaysia margarine) with a few tsps of water to bring everything together. I haven't being using planta for years! Anyone know is it available in Melbourne?

This time, I'm trying The Little Teochew's recipe. The only different I made to the recipe was the amount of icing sugar. I used 4 tbsp instead of her 6 tbsp as I'm afraid it will end up too sweet.


I'm very happy with the end result. Mr. loved it. It's not too sweet overall, jam cooked till dry enough and the base is "melt in the mouth" pastry which I'm being hunting! I will definitely make it for my family if I got the chance. I always specially made them for my sister who's a pineapple tart lover like me when I was still staying at home.


penny aka jeroxie said...

It was great!!

Agnes said...

They were really good! Thanks for bringing some for us to try :D

Cherrie Pie said...

I love these. These were really delicious

cltyw said...

Thanks a lot gals! Very happy that you all enjoy it :)

thanh7580 said...

These little tarts were indeed super delicious. I'd make them, except you all told me how hard it was so I'm going to give it a pass.

cltyw said...

Thanh, give it a try!
Definitely easier if you gather more ppl and split the job.