Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Pineapple Tarts

As usual we went to Victoria Market on Saturday morning and do our weekly marketing. I managed to buy 3 pineapples at $3.50 each. Coles and Vic Garden vegetable stall are selling at $6 each....freaking expensives!

I spend my whole afternoon "working" on the pineapples. 1st uses my precious knives skinned the pineapples. OMG the 1st task is a breeze because the knives are so sharp. I remembered I had such a hard time "fighting" with the pineapples last year. I'm so in love with my knives now. (Hubby made dinner this evening and he too loves the knives)

Next was to grate the pineapples. Learn a trick from the internet and that is to use a juice extractor. Since I did purchase 1 during boxing day (we are having fresh vegetable juice almost everyday. Healthier than drinking juice purchase from the supermarket). This task became a breeze again. Hehe. Most important, I will not cut my fingers which I did last year.

Both tasks are completed in less than an hour. Below is the end product.

Pineapple And Juice

Next task is to stand in front of the stove and cook the pineapple. This is something which I'm not able to find an alternate method for it. In the end, I spend close to 2 hours stirring the pot of pineapple.

Pineapple Jam

Once I had finish the 1st step, 2nd step is my favourite! (Mum used to do the 1st step and me finish the end product.) I started baking on Sunday afternoon. At the end of less than 3 hours, I had more than 100 pineapple tarts. :)

Pineapples Tarts

It's so satisfying and worth spending the whole weekend in the kitchen when Hubby loves it and everyone who tasted it likes it.

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