Monday, 24 January 2011

Guest Writer Reviewing LuxBite

Yes. It's Mister doing this blog entry.

After these years of blogging and the amount of food we had eaten, this is my 1st entry in wifey's blog. I am doing it because i have encounter something's call Luxbite.

Before i start, be warn: this is my 2 cent review of the food from LuxBite. It's honest, genuine and it's how i feel everytime i had their desserts.


It all started with wifey's twittering...' l wanna go try this dessert place called LuxBite'
@ LuxBite @ 38 Toorak Road South

@ LuxBite @ 38 Toorak Road South

@ LuxBite @ 38 Toorak Road South

So one fine sunday, we went to Luxbite and fell deeply and madly in love with the macarons...and the every desserts they make!

LuxBite @ 38 Toorak Road,South Yarra.Best Macaron ever!

First up, we had the FerreRoll Rocher and 3 macarons, Kaya Toast, Watermelon Yoghurt and Raspberry & White Chocolate. The ferreroll rocher was soft, great texture and fulls of nuts and flavour. Compared to burnetti's cakes Luxbite's win hands down. The cake's flavour was perfectly persevered and not overly spongy , likely due to Luxbite's storing and fridging of their cakes.

Honestly, l haven't tasted a macaron prior to LuxBite's although l do come across them before. Luxbite had a huge variety of macarons on offer...too many for us to try on 1st go. so, we got another 8 to go..that was how good it was.


Luxbite's variety of macarons got us hooked and wanting to try all of them. Their macarons, take for watermelon one tasted just like watermelon! It's amazing that the taste can be so preserved in such a condition. i am never a fruity taste person as l often opt for stronger tastes such as chocolate, vanilla in whatever l eat (l am such boring and old style foodie)

But LuxBite's fruit macarons (such as passionfruit, rose & lychee, blue berry, raspberry & white chocolate) are so refreshing, you wouldn't feel having 3 macarons by itself being too filling nor starchy. The macarons was not too chewy or hard, just right with an equal amount of the filling to match. A perfect dessert to end your already filled or empty stomach.

Do not be deceived if u think Luxbite's all about only macarons.

Carmel slice with a salted caramel macaron. thick caramel with nice coconut underneath.

Green Tea Cream Brulee. U gotta be really creative of think of this flavour! The brulee was well done with a fairly strong taste of green tea (wasn't too strong for us although we did read it wasn't for the faint-hearted!). The cream was very fluffy but firm thanks to the solid glass.



OK. THIS IS MY FAVOURITE: Mango TriLova! oh my god! i cannot describe how it actually tasted but it would do so much injustice to it! i begin such a mango-hater this actually got me hooked i had this 3 times already in a span of 1 month speaks volumes about it. You can distinctively taste the mango, macadamia nut and the fresh coriander in there and it all so well compliment one another. What a superb dessert it was!


The apple crumble. Definitely separate from the type of apple crumble u eat outside..this crumble is without a hard crust but make up with lotsa crumble and apple.


Our latest was the mango cheesecake. The cheese-cake is really fluffy and that mint added added another level of taste testing your palate. This combination make this cheese-cake so refreshing to unlike those that make you bloat at the end..this tasted guilt-free...seriously!


Ok..this 4 maracons is the Australia day's special. Kudos for thinking of such filling, vegemite, rocky road, caramel and chocolate freckles ....the level of creatively by Yen and Bernard, the mind behind LuxBite (besides happy!) is so amazing..however though we think the vegemite tasted slightly funny..maybe it's weird to have vegemite macaron?? Out of so many macarons, vegemite comes last for us..not sure what you all think? rocky road caught us by surprise! It got the most refreshing taste of the 4.

Nevertheless you get to appreciate the level of creativity LuxBite offers. Their dedication to decorating the place, storing of their macarons and cakes to the nice container for their macarons, speaks volumes about them trying it make their macarons and cakes a great experience. it is hard to find such high end quality hand made desserts in Melbourne.

Luxbite is now truly my favourite place to satisfy my craving for desserts compared to my older favourite 'The Dessert house' in Boxhill....l wouldn't mind driving that will be worthwhile in the end and so is this blog entry.



Agnes said...

So a question for the Mister: how did our macarons compare to LuxBite's? Almost as good? Hahaha.

penny aka jeroxie said...

Great post! Nice to have your mister writing a guest post....

Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

ave the address of both of your dessert houses mentioned please! Thankyou.

cltyw said...

Monga Dessert Lounge
(03) 9890 0925
1/F 600 Station Street
Box Hill, 3128

(03) 9867 5888
38 Toorak Road
South Yarra, Vic 3141

Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

Thanks so much I have noted those so we can visit....not sure how this is going to help me slim down this year though? Oh well a treat is always in order!

thanh7580 said...

Seriously, I must be the last person to go to Luxbite. I want those macarons so badly, and that Mango TriLova sounds to die for.

cltyw said...

I haven't tried others macarons which I'm trying to. But definitely enjoy LuxBite macarons.
my Mr. love love the mango trilova. he even made sure we have one each so that he won't need to fight with me. LOL