Thursday, 19 February 2009

Japanese Feast!

This was the Japanese Feast we had for the whole day on Black Saturday.

We were supposed to be away for the weekend with some friends but was cancelled last minute. So we planned to spend the day at the beach since it was forcasted to be a nice warm summer day. But on Friday, weather forcasted temperature going to hit max 45degree. Victorian Premier John Brumby advised us not to travel unless really necessary. It sound really bad so we decided to just relax and stay cool at home. We totally had no idea it was going to be such a historical Saturday.

On Saturday, we drove to Victoria Market to stock up the fridge. Expecting the weather to get really nasty, we actually started our day unusually early. We won't the only one who did that! The market was crowded with people by 8.30a.m instead of the usual 9.30a.m.

CL wanted to have Japanese food for lunch and I just found a Japanese shop Suzuran located at Camberwell and decided to check it out. It's a Japanese grocery but also a takeaway sushi store. We spend close to an hour shopping for grocery + waiting for our takeaway sushi.

Sashimi cost $25. CL ordered $10 Salmon, $10 King Fish and $5 Tuna. They were really thick slices and fresh!

2 sushi sets which we picked from the menu. Sorry can't really recall the price for each.

CL loves eating seaweed. I bought a huge pack for $7. The potion on the picture is slightly more than half the potion I purchase. Can't remember how much I pay for the octopus but from memory, it wasn't expensive too.

Look at the sushi!!! The tuna slice is so much bigger and longer than the rice dough. I was shocked when I realised and wanted to show it here. This wasn't the only piece, every single sushi has the rice fully covered by either the fish/prawn slice.

I was ecstatic when I saw Takoyaki in the freezer. I haven't had them for more than 3 years!! Finally I managed to find them in Melbourne. I bought slow cooked them on the stove, topped with okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and katsuobushi. It was heaven!!!!!

As for dinner, CL planned to go Lygon and have some Italian food but we were too lazy to head out in the end. Plus the weather was still really warm. Instead, we had Kabayaki-don for dinner.

I cooked some Japanese rice, made some Tamagoyaki and reheated the Unagi which we purchase at Suzuran. I also cooked some tofu miso soup, sliced up some cucumber and tomatoes as shown in the picture on top.

I only paid about $2 at Suzuran for some Salmon belly which nobody eats. Apparently it's full of fish oil high in Omega 3 which is good for the health. Since we eat almost anything and everything plus it's cheap, why not give it a try? I washed and wipe dried with kitchen towel before popping them into the oven griller till crispy. I will definitly buy more on my next trip to Suzuran.

As I'm writing this post, CL is suggesting to pop into Suzuran tomorrow again. Must be the pictures....hehe.


Sarah said...

I Love Suzuran!!! Yummy yum

xox Sarah

cltyw said...

There is another similar store but a lot smaller at High Street, Prahan. But Suzuran is nearer for us now.:)