Saturday, 12 July 2008

1st Attempt in making Curry Puff

CL didn't take any order or give me any suggestion for tonight dinner when I asked him what he has in mind last night. He told me to surprise him. Great! How am I going to do that?

As I spend the night flipping thru all my cookbook wondering what I should cook for today dinner. I had a sudden urge to try making Curry Puff. But how am I going to have Curry Puff for dinner and how are we able to finish all? I'm not good at estimating how much to prepare in order not to waste food. Plus I need to deep-fried the Curry Puff. Therefore I don't really see it happening.

BUT when CL picked me up to accompany me marketing after his night shift, he gave me a small little project to occupy my time. He requested me to either cook or bake something for Club Alfred. Tonight he is working night shift again and some of his mates will be bringing in food to share. He wanted to contribute a bit.

CURRY PUFF was the 1st item that came into my mind! I can try something new + I won't have to stuff myself. That's FANTASTIC! But CL initially didn't really like the idea as we try to minimise deep-frying at home. Then I came up with an idea. Instead of frying, we stick them into the oven. All I have to do is wrapped the fillings with puff pastry instead. Since I still have some left over puff pastry in the freezer. It's one stone kill two birds. Not only I can cook something I want to try, I can even clear my freezer (those who had seem my fridge will know why). YEAH!!!

BUT halfway thru preparation, I realised I only had 2 sheets of puff pastry left. That's definitely not enough. At most, I will end with 8 Curry Puffs. I start to ponder whether should I drive to Coles and get another packet of puff pastry or should I try making my own pastry which I will end up frying.

It's too cold to leave the house + I'm extremely lazy to get dress. :) So it's DIY pastry. Lucky I tend to stock the house with everything, I hate to find missing ingredients when I cook. CL always comment we won't stave if Melbourne is in war. hehehe

Me at work. Sorry for the messy kitchen+ table(in the mid of cooking dinner too). I seriously need a bigger working area. *hint hint* Guess I will have to leave with it till I get a bigger place. Notice the pot beside me? That's the thermal pot which I mention in my previous post.

Filling with the almost finished product. Fillings include chicken mince, potatoes, onion and mixed vegetables. I didn't follow any recipe while preparing the fillings. Just follow my instinct and add any seasoning that I feel will make it taste good. Result it's actually pretty tasty. But it will need a bit more seasoning as the pastry is kinda of bland. I didn't have a round cutter which is big enough therefore I improvise using a glass.

The final product. This photo does not do any justice at all!!! It's so poorly taken but that's the only photo I have and not taken by me. I was suppose to take a photo of a tray of Curry Puff before I packed it all up for CL to bring to work. But I totally forgot till he left home.*sob sob*

After frying, the pleats are much more visible. I was worried that I did a bad job assembling and afraid it will not be presentable at all. CL actually likes it. He was even wondering whether S, the doctor from Singapore be working tonight coz he will definitely like to try some.

You will definitely not believe this. I didn't even leave any for myself! He took everything with him. I only had a small bite when CL tested the 1st batch of final product. Well at least I don't have to worry that I will gain a few kilos from eating Curry Puffs :P

Hope Club Alfred likes it. :)

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