Saturday, 19 July 2008

Excursion to Prahan Market

Activity for this morning was excursion to Prahan Market! Finally CL wasn't working this weekend and suggested to go Prahan Market last night. Of course I happily agreed.

Prahan Market is a dangerous zone for me therefore CL try ways and means not to enter. You will slowly discover why as you read on.

We woke up really early! Even earlier then my normal working day. We were afraid having problem finding a parking spot.

1st priority was to fill out hungry tummy. I had scrambled eggs on sourdough toast while CL had egg benedict and with our favourite Mocha.

Breakfast wasn't very fantastic but we love their sourdough bread. They also sell fresh baked bread. In the end we bought 3 small dinner rolls for tomorrow dinner.

Next stop was The Essential Ingredient. I totally loved this place! It's my shopping paradise! They sell everything you need in the kitchen! Cook books, food (spices, all kind and types of oils, rice, flour, nuts, jams, pasta name it, they have it) cookware, bakeware, good set of knives and electrical appliances (they have a roll of KitchenAid stand mixer is all available colors!....hinted CL that I like to have a PINK 1 on my kitchen bench top when we purchase our own shelter...hehe).

Price tags in The Essential Ingredient are on the high side too. I wanted to bring the whole store home! But CL stopped me if not who knows how much less in my account when I step out of the shop. The only purchase we did was a small frying pan which will be used to fry egg (CL loved to have an fried egg with his instant noodle)
CL and the new purchase.

As we were browsing in the fresh food session, I was also looking out for Monsieur Truffe booth. I read about its chocolate truffle from a few Melbourne food blogs and wanted to try for myself what is so great about his chocolate. When we walked past, "I heard they are very famous" is what I told CL. He wasn't tempted but he knows I am therefore we stopped to check the booth out.

There were 10 different favous of truffle on display for tasting. Hazlenut was the 1st we tried and immediately we bought a box of 12. I continue tasting and went for the Mexican Chipotle Chilli. It wasn't spicy enough for me. He suggested to try Passionfruit and Lime. I was surprised when I pop the lime truffle into my mouth. I love the chocolate melting and at the same time adding a slight sour taste. I love it but we didn't buy any as CL don't really like it. But we bought a box of 6 for Passionfruit. I know CL will like it when I tasted it and insisted he tried some.

Box of Hazlenut Truffle of 12.

We also ended up buying Wagyu Beef Burger. We are going to have that for tomorrow dinner with the dinner rolls. Can't wait to taste it!

As for tonight, we going to have Sashimi with some sushi and fresh oysters. Yum!!!!!

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