Saturday, 12 July 2008

Bopha Devi

Bopha Devi, Melbourne's 1st Cambodian restaurant.

I have never being adventures in food till I landed in Melbourne. I always tend to stick to the usual cuisine e.g Thai, Japanese, Chinese. But that has changed 2 years ago. That's also when I 1st tried Bopha Devi. It was Tara's birthday and we were invited for dinner at Bopha Devi 1st restaurant located at Yarraville.

Both of us enjoyed the food a lot. Serving was huge and generous in their ingredients. We return again last year during our wedding anniversary(I think....but definitely we are celebrating an event).

This year was during Mummy and Daddy visit. They were flying back the next day and we were cracking our head where to have dinner. They had being trying all kinds of cuisine since they landed. We are running out of idea by the last week of their stay. (CL even commented we should start experiencing restaurants again. If not we won't have any idea where to bring my parents for meals on their next visit...haha) On their 2nd last night, we booked a table at Dockland Bopha Devi as we couldn't get a table at Yarraville.

Table was already waiting for us when we arrived. The place was packed and the boss was the only person on the ground although on and off 1 of the chef did help to serve but we were very well taken care off. *Impress*.

In total, we had 3 little bits, 1 salad, 3 mains and 2 desserts + 1 bottle of white wine. Hubby had lemon, lime, bitter and he loves it! I had a sip and I love it too!

Little Bits

K'dom. It looks like normal spring rolls doesn't it? But it's not! It chicken and crap meat roll together with in a crispy bread.

Chicken Ribs: marinated in secret herbs & spices. It's full of smoke favour. Plus the chili sauce by the side is super spicy.

Pork Spare-Ribs: twice cooked & coated in a caramelised palm sugar sauce. OMG! This is my favourite little bits dish. The ribs is full of favour and it's not too sweet.


Dried Shrimp Salad: shredded carrot & green papaya. Although the shrimp are dried but you can actually taste it freshness.


We had no idea what to order except for their curry. Therefore we ordered what the boss recommanded.

Trei Char K'nyei(recommanded): pan fried fish fillet with julienne ginger & salted soy beans. The fish is very fresh. But can't really eat the fish alone because the soy beans makes this dish a bit too salties. But together with the rice, taste is just right.

Kari Khmer: a light coconut curry with onions, carrots, beans, Asian broccoli & potatoes. Hidden by the fresh ingredients above is actually rice. All rice had soaked up all the curry gravy. We always go for this dish every visit.

Lort Char(recommanded): rice drop noodles wok tossed with Asian broccoli, bean sprouts & egg. I haven't had rice drop noodles for at least 10 years. I don't really fancy them. But this dish really blew me away! It's made up of all cheap ingredients but the turn out is delicious.


We struggle a bit to finish all the 3 mains. But how can a dinner consider dinner with finishing with dessert??? Boss was pretty surprised when we carry on the complete the meal requesting for dessert.

There are 3 desserts available and we ordered 2 to share.

Coconut Barvois with Sticky Rice.
Don't remember what it's call and can't be found on their website menu. But it's sugar banana rolled in a mix of sticky rice & coconut, wrapped in banana leaf, perfectly chargrilled & served with vanilla ice-cream.

Both the desserts are fantastic! CL and Mummy prefer the Sticky Rice while I prefer the Banana. As for Daddy, both works for him.

I have to remind myself, next time I have to order new dishes to try. I bet all their dishes will be equally impressive.

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