Sunday, 4 May 2008

Craving for the week : Scone

27-04-2008 Sat

Craving for the week was : Scone. Hubby started having different craving every week. He doesn't fancy scone at all but after trying Miss Marple's scone, he falls in love with scone!

So up we drive to Sassafras, Mount Dandenong to satisfy hubby's craving.

Autumn in Melbourne

Miss Marple is decorated with very nice teapots!

We had exactly the same order as previous. But this time, I had my camera with me.

Fresh Chicken, Chesse and Asparagus Finger
Beef Cottage Pie
Ending with their Famous Plain Scone.
Opps! We actually forgot to take the picture before diving into the scone. We got too excited once we saw the huge and soft scone

We pop into Bluestone Candles to get more aroma candles. We bought more than required as they are having 20% discount before they start their start renovation the next day.

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