Saturday, 17 May 2008

Cold, Cold, Cold

This is what I see when I look out of the window this morning. Rain plus fog building up on my window. I had my balcony close and window very slightly open for cold air.
My hands are turing numb as I'm typing this entry. It's cold sitting in front of the PC with the window beside in my t-shirt, sweater, long pant and bed socks. It definitly felt like winter in Melbourne this morning.

I just checked the weather report on The Age. Current temperature is 7.7 degrees but it feel like 5.3 degrees. Can't help but to check out Singapore weather for the day.

Melbourne weather report

Singapore weather report

Comparing both countries weather for the day, 20 degrees different!!! OMG, I seriously have to wrap mummy with layers of clothes, jackets and scarf when she arrive. They will definitly need time to adjust to the weather.

I'm meeting Fiona and Robyn to do some catching up later in the afternoon. Hmmm....I have to start planning what to wear since it's going to be really cold and raining. I haven't even change my wardrobe yet. Most of the winter wear are still in the suitcases. I seriously need to get some sorting out done soon.

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