Monday, 3 March 2008

30mins Slot

I have 30mins to spare and the photos are uploaded into flickr so I decided to blog :)

I'm suppose to be busy preparing dinner at this time. But hubby called and informed me change of plan just as I'm about to turn into the apartment car park. He needs to work till 9p.m. as nobody is able to relief him from his shift. *-* I didn't plan to pop into the gym this evening either. That why I'm home super early. Made myself a simple dinner + lunch for tomorrow. So here I am blogging with 30mins to spare before Boarder Security start.

I had a pretty busy weekend. Hmmm should I say I had being busy all weekends since we collected the new car? Hehe

Activities for Saturday was to Victoria Market early in the morning to top up our fridge. Followed by house inspection at Box Hill North. Yes, for those who didn't know we are currently house hunting for rental. So far no luck yet. Haven't being able to see any house that we like. It's either too small, too expensive or condition of the house sucks! Anyway, we are taking our own sweet time. No hurry at all. It will be nice if we able to find something and move before end of May as my parents are coming for a month!!! I can't wait!!!

End of side track, Brighton was the next destination. 1st was Lexus to wash our car. Lexus and Toyota in Brighton offers wash for life service for the car if you purchase from them. Since we are planning to have a pinic at Brighton Beach, might as well pop into the car wash and wash the dirty car of ours.

When we reach the beach, both of us were staving! Guess what! We won't really at Brighton Beach! We were somewhere near but not. No idea where we were. Didn't realised it till we parked the car, grab the stuff and started walking down. Thinking maybe with a few minutes walk, we will reach the beach. It wasn't the case but we were happy to just find a nice shady spot and start the pinic.

I didn't prepare much. Just a sausage bun each, some vegetables stick and crackers with dips and some cherry tomotoes. The weather is nice, windy but not too cold. Fantastic to have a pinic.

Laying "Buddha"

Enjoying the sun, sand and sea. Actually sun and sea only.

As it was still early and we didn't want to head home. We went window shopping! Ended up at Southland. It was his virgin visit to Southland. We left once it's time to drive to Lim's Noya Hut for dinner. Yes Lim's Noya Hut again! We were crazing for popiah! But we got disappointed again. They didn't have them because they didn't have the main ingredient. Hope it will not be an empty trip this coming weekend (planning to bring some friends there on Sunday).

Last destination for the day was SkyHigh, Mount Dandenong. It's our 2nd visit within a month. The 1st trip was during the night time. This time we manage to reach before the sun set and stayed to watch sun set. It was beautiful! But it was really cold too!! I was freezing as I wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Didn't dare to step out of the car at all. We were watch sun set + DVD + eating Oneh-Oneh which we bought from Lim's Noya Hut.

The Oneh-Oneh were delicious! It popped in your mouth. Yum!!!!!

Scenery at 2018 and 2040. Sorry the picture is not very clear. That's the best I can do. Do make a trip there if you are in Melbourne. Bet you won't regret.

Oh, on Sunday we drove to Williamstown to buy mussels. Hubby sudden craving for Mussels with pasta. Yum Yum! But we didn't manage to get any fresh oysters as all 100 dozens were sold out when we reach at 1400. I will definitly call to pre-order next time as I have their contact now. :) No more empty trips.


Jarrett Lim G.W said...

God ma! Seems you had a great time! Next time show me around alright?

You have been tagged.

cltyw said...

Hello! Yeah you now have an account with blogspot!
Godma will definitly bring you around and experience things which you can't in Singapore. Now you will need to grow up fast and start saving $ for your air ticket.